Sunday, September 29, 2013

Empty Your Heart- a new poetry collection by, K.N. Lee

Empty your heart
And make room for me
I'd fight hordes and armies
Cross deserts and black seas
Become a slave to your will
With no will to be free

I'd like to haunt your dreams
While I sparkle and gleam
Wedge into your subconscious
Sprinkle love dust
And liquid lust

I'd wiggle in
Find a slot in your memory
For all I want
Is for you...
To remember me

Thirty poems of love, loss, and yearning. Empty your heart...

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Did Somebody Say...Adventure? Follow Me, I'll Show You the Way!

It's been a wonderful year so far, and I have so much more planned! Dragon Con, book signings in New York, Seattle, California, the World Fantasy Convention in the UK! I will bring you with me...every step of the way. I will blog, shoot video, and take tons of photos...especially when I make it to Brighton, England for the World Fantasy Con.

What could be better!? I am living my dream...finally!

Follow  today, and I will share this incredible journey with you! Trust won't want to miss this! Who is ready?

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

New Cover Reveal! Wicked Webs is Alive!!!

There's a wicked web inside this heart
It creaks
It leaks
It's cold and dark

Wicked Webs
Dark Poetry Collection
K.N. Lee
Dark poetry at its best. You will escape to a land where evil is confronted, dissected, and vanquished. Each poem tells a story. Horror, folklore, and supernatural tales. Prepare to have your darkest fears exploited.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Thicker Than Blood! A Collection of Paranormal Tales That You Cannot Miss!!

Is this Heaven? Is this Hell? There's only one way to tell.
**Twin sisters journey to a mysterious place...Did I mention that they're dead?
**A little girl is locked in her room. Why are her parents afraid of her?
**A young track star is kidnapped, tortured, and tossed into a lake. I wonder if her kidnapper knew that lake was on a haunted plantation. Will she survive this night?
**Three paranormal stories that will make your skin crawl...**


5.0 out of 5 stars Exciting and enticing July 15, 2013
Format:Paperback|Amazon Verified Purchase
This book of stories was so wonderful to read. K.N. Lee has once again created something wonderful. From the first short story to the third. It's short but of course because they are short stories. They leave you wondering what happened to these people, and the information you do find out leaves you wanting more. I would recommend this book to anyone!

5.0 out of 5 stars Teasing and Twisting Tales June 25, 2013
Format:Paperback|Amazon Verified Purchase
I knew after her first short story in a creative writing class that K.N. Lee was going to publish. With each story, she brings the dark and the bizarre. K.N. Lee weaves twisted tales via her strong women characters. The settings are eerie, the characters are tantalizing, and the plots are twisted. The stories are brief, but they create a desire from readers for more works from this author. She has a knack for leaving a story open for interpretation and ending with a twist. I look forward to reading more from her. 
5.0 out of 5 stars Great collection! June 12, 2013  
By eli
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
I really enjoyed this collection of short stories. Each story paints a vivid picture and leaves you wondering at the end - what happens to the characters next? It's tantalizing in just the right way that makes a story great.

5.0 out of 5 stars Darkly Entertaining! July 9, 2013
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
Very impressed with this collection of short stories, I read them all at once. K.N.Lee has written three original tales that will give you chills! My heart is racing from all the dark surprises. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Monday, September 9, 2013

***TOP SECRET*** Leaked Files #2 (General Halston)

**Top Secret**

Netherworld Division #265
Agent: Halston
Sex: Male
Height: 6’3
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Weight: 220lbs
Race: Angel               
Rank: General
Territory: United Kingdom & Central Dominance, formerly known as Lyrinia, of the Netherworld
Interviewer: Cpt. Patrik Kramer
Reason for Interview: Request to recruit Netherworld creatures for mission.
Mission: Execute the demon named Bund and the vampire king named Greggan.

Cpt Kramer: Good evening General Halston. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak with me. Please speak clearly, so  Marlina can document everything that’s said in this hearing.

Halston: Good evening to you as well. Let’s keep it short if at all possible.
Cpt. Kramer: Very well. Let’s get started, shall we? How long have you been here on Earth?

Halston: Since the ancient times. Before the Great Flood.

Cpt. Kramer: And why did you leave Heaven to come to Earth.

Halston: Do we really have to go over this? I came to request a specialized team. Why do I feel as though I’m being interrogated?

Cpt. Kramer: Forgive me, General Halston, but my questions were written out by Viktor himself. I’m afraid he outranks all of us angels on Earth, and I must follow orders.

Halston: I followed the traitor Satan from Heaven and I’ve been stuck here ever since.

Cpt. Kramer: But you never swore allegiance to the great traitor, did you?

Halston: No. I was tricked. It’s no secret that I’ve been trying to redeem myself for centuries. No angel has done greater work on Earth to protect the humans and right the wrongs of my mislead brothers and sisters.

Cpt. Kramer: Can you elaborate on those wrongs?

Halston: Honestly, Patrik. As if you do not know.

Cpt. Kramer: Once again, I apologize. Please, for this interview, could we keep it formal. Please, answer the question.

Halston: Many of the fallen angels produced dangerous spawn. The creatures we see today, vampires, Syths, ghouls, etc, are the abominations of angels. It is my duty to clean up the mess my…I mean our brothers and sisters have made.

Cpt. Kramer: Thank you, General Halston. And you’ve never created a Netherworld creature, have you?


Cpt. Kramer: General Halston?

Halston: No.

Cpt. Kramer: Why the hesitation?

Halston: Move on to the next question, Cpt. Kramer.


Cpt. Kramer: Very well. Let’s just get to the matter at hand. What creatures did you have in mind for this mission?

Halston: Of course I’m bringing my second in command, Al. A Metal-Mind is absolutely necessary. I also need a War-Breeder. I have one in mind. An old friend, Tristan, I would like to bring him to this world.

Cpt. Kramer: You’d actually let a War-Breeder loose?

Halston: Why not? It’s not like they are true Netherworld creatures. They are the only natural predator of vampires, created to fight them in the Great War. Tristan is one that I trust. 

Cpt. Kramer: And the prophet, a Prince Jax?

Halston: He is a necessary evil. I need his power and knowledge.

Cpt. Kramer: He is King Greggan’s son and rightfully imprisoned in the Ivory Tower. He is too dangerous for this world. So is the daughter, a Princess Evina. She’s a legitimate Temptress. Can you imagine the damage a vampire with her powers could do if she was around humans? You actually intend on bringing them here?

Halston: Whatever it takes to rid the human world of Greggan and Bund. If we don’t stop them, the human world could be thrown into absolute chaos. The Vampire Registration System would be obsolete, humans would be farmed for blood, and I don’t even want to think about what Bund would do if he was free to roam Earth without consequence. I have a plan to prevent all of this. I have it under control.

Cpt. Kramer: How exactly do you intend to destroy the demon, Bund? As angels, we have no power against our own kind, even if they turned to the dark side.

Halston: I have my ways. I know of someone that can take care of him for us.

Cpt. Kramer: Oh yes, you believe the half-blood’s mother has such a gift?

Halston: I do.

Cpt. Kramer: You show great trust in such Netherworld creatures. You are aware that the half-blood, Koa Ryeo-won, and her mother are under surveillance. You know that we cannot actually let them live.

Cpt. Kramer: Did I say something wrong?

Halston: This interview is over. Send my request to Viktor or I will go to him myself.

Cpt. Kramer: General Halston? General Halston, come back here. We’re not done! Halston!


Cpt. Kramer: I guess that’s it for this interview, Marlina. He’s not coming back. Go ahead and shut it down.

Top Secret File #1 An Interview With Koa Ryeo-won for Netherworld agent position.

The world is a dangerous place. Our world is threatened by the creatures of an alternate land called the Netherworld. Good thing Koa and the Netherworld division are there to keep the vampire population in check. Koa is a feisty half-blood with a mysterious past. Her best friend is her boss, she has a cursed mother, an enchanted sword, and an attractive human pet. 
Koa also has a problem. A Netherworld serial killer, with a taste for little girls, threatens everything Koa has worked hard to protect. Not even Koa’s boss, Halston can stop him. But he knows one prisoner that can. Too bad that prison is in the Netherworld.
Is Koa ready to journey to the Netherworld to release the one creature that can break her mother’s curse and protect all that she holds dear?

Buy The Chronicles of Koa: Netherworld from Amazon here

For more on K.N. Lee go to:

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Dragon Con 2013

Dragon Con 2013! 

Geeks unite! 

Last week I sent out a Facebook message asking if any of my friends wanted to join me for some fantastical fun in Atlanta. Surprisingly, five of my friends actually said that they would like to venture into the awesome culture of costumes, makeup, and mock weapons with me. 


So, with only four days to prepare, we set off to pick out the best costumes we could in such a short amount of time. What did we come up with? Well, naturally, I decided to go as one of the characters in my fantasy novel, The Chronicles of Koa: Netherworld. I chose Princess Evina, of Lyrinia. 

Thank goodness for Amazon Prime! My cool red wig and corset arrived in record time. With a little trip to Party City, I picked up a few petticoats, a sword, and even found a costume for the upcoming Halloween parties. With the help of my awesome Chinese friend, Jacky Joe, I also sported a marvelous Sharpee tattoo! Ha! Isn't that awesome?! That guy is incredible.

I'm so glad that I met my friend Nick. He decided to join me in representing The Chronicles of Koa. He came as Nickolai Frost, an agent that you'll meet in the second book of the series, Lyrinian Blade! My gosh. He looked awesome. 
I mean...what do you think?

Then, my lovely friend, Jodell, came as a cool steam punk vixen, by the name of Gilfred Flywheel. She actually created her entire outfit from scratch! She made her jewelry and stitched her costume. Check out this amazing woman!

Shannon came as a ghost buster.

And the gorgeous Victoria came as a warrior princess!

Aren't we a cool looking group?!

Take a look at the awesome pictures from our weekend! Next year, I'll have a table to promote The Chronicles of Koa, and even cooler costumes!


Oh gosh. I walked up to Manu Bennett like I knew him. Haha! I gave him a card and told him about my book. I even said that one day...when it's a show or movie, I will call him and offer him a role. He was such a nice guy and gives the best hugs!
Manu Bennett! The highlight of my trip! This hottie called me gorgeous and hugged me! I'm still swooning!

Whoa! It's Ronald Weasley!

Poison Ivy!

Lollipop Chainsaw!

Dresden and Murphy!

More awesome steampunk

Stan the Zombie

Princess Evina and Nickolai Frost

Mmm...the smell of steel

Stay tuned for more travels! The World Fantasy Convention in Brighton, UK is coming this Oct. If you'd like to see me make it there to promote The Chronicles of Koa, and make awesome videos of my trip, donate today! 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sanguis City Blog Tour!!

The first full length novel in the adult paranormal romance series with an urban fantasy edge, Sanguis City.

**For Mature Audiences Only**

Ever wonder what happens after the world ends?
Lilanoir Rue did. A mere by product of the destruction, she never knew what happened before hand either. Banished from the only place she called home, the Human Reservation, she wipes her tears and never looks back.

In a world gone dead, life has never been so good, for some. While others live in chaos, the chosen call Sanguis City home. The rich and powerful found a way to survive The End and enjoy every minute of it, for eternity. 

On the brink of a gruesome death from starvation, disease or a hungry mutant, humans flock to sell their blood for peace.
The city of blood, made for and by vampires, welcomes Noir; her kind are in high demand. Neither Human nor Vampire, Bleeders take care of the city in the daylight. Draining humans by day and dating Vampires at night leaves Noir little time to think about her past, or much else, until it finds her.

Three years in the city has earned her a promising career, future and just maybe a love life. Noir's chaotic life is finally on the right track. When Noir falls for her sexy new Professor, an Authentic Vampire she also falls into a web of nightmares. Unable to escape painful memories, she uncovers more than her own secrets. Some secrets just won't stay dead, and others are bound to kill her.
Available on Amazon