Monday, April 13, 2015

Liquid Lust Release Day Party ***Hosted by The Book Nymph PR***

Liquid Lust 

Release Day Party 

***Hosted by The Book Nymph PR***

Are you ready!? Award-winning author, K.N. Lee is releasing her FIRST romance novella! Introducing an innovative and collaborative collection of interrelated stories from your favorite bestselling authors. 

The Club is an exclusive and naughty dwelling where each novella will be based. Each month a new author will release a book set at The Club for your reading pleasure.

You can expect games, prizes, exclusive content, suprise giveaways, a live Q&A, and more! Invite your friends and wear whatever you like, because this is a LIVE VIRTUAL party. Entry is simple, just show up on the event page, and be prepared for a night of awesomeness.

Still despondent from the shame of an office affair gone wrong, Sohanna Shah is wary of her best friend’s new idea of a pick-me-up. Aimee has an uncanny knack for dumping trouble on Sohanna’s lap, but the offer is enticing. Sohanna could enter the exclusive establishment known as The Club, where there are only three rules…

1. Keep your mouth shut.
2. Keep your mouth shut.
3. Keep your mouth shut.

Arthur Koenig is avoiding a return to England after a devastating break-up. To help mend his broken heart, he and his sister pass the time building new businesses in Karim, Texas. But one new client is a tougher sell than the rest. Determined to win this hard-dealing client, Arthur takes him to the one place where he cannot refuse their offer…or his beautiful sister: The Club.

From backgrounds of torrid affairs to heartbreak, Sohanna and Arthur were bound to collide, but will either of them break down their protective walls? Life gets steamy in The Club, especially when two people's secret desires are revealed.

***FACEBOOK is not associated or responsible for this party in any way. All contests and prizes are sponsored solely by author, K.N. Lee.***

Monday, April 6, 2015

Freebie!! ***Just One Sip*** by, Scarlett Dawn #theclub


***Just One Sip*** 

by, Scarlett Dawn #theclub

Guess what!

JUST ONE SIP (The Club) by Scarlett Dawn is free until the 8th on Amazon.

Promo info:

**** FREE ****
Just One Sip (The Club, #1) by Scarlett Dawn

*free at time of posting*

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Scarlett Dawn, turns up the heat with two best friends, who were always meant for each other, in the first novella of The Club series, Just One Sip...

Lucy Plume knows Jet Mak is the man she wants to marry. Her thoughts have never wavered to another. Lucy knows all of Jet's secrets, his family's secrets, and doesn't give a damn. He is her best friend, her lover, her confidant...her all. But can she finally find the courage to say yes?

Jet Mak knows Lucy Plume is the woman he wants to marry. He's known since they were children. Lucy is the only woman who can make him smile and groan at the same time. She tests his patience beyond what most men would endure, but he doesn't care. He wants her, and everyone knows it. If only Lucy would say yes...

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

5 Movies That Tricked Me With Their Trailers!

5 Movies That Tricked Me With Their Trailers!

I love going to movie theaters! Who doesn't? Well...I do know a few people that hate it. 

They're weird. 

But, the magic of sitting in a theater with a good movie, popcorn, and surround sound is simply divine. I have a little quirk. If the movie starts at 8 o'clock, we absolutely NEED to be there at least 15 minutes early to catch the movie trailers. 

I refuse to miss even one! 

But sometimes those movie trailers are just so darn awesome that I mark my calendar to see the movie...just to find out I was tricked, duped, practically trolled. Here are my picks for the 5 movies that had superb movie trailers, and let me down.

1. Cowboys VS Aliens

Come on! Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Sam Rockwell? I saw him wake up and activate that wrist bracelet technology, and thought, "Yes! I must see this!" 
What could go wrong? So very much, unfortunately.

2. IFrankenstein

Again, Aaron Eckhart is AMAZING. But what in the world did they do to the movie and plot he's immersed in? Seriously, I was so disappointed.  

3. The Fountain

What...the...heck? It felt like hours and hours of waiting for something remarkable to happen. It never did. Never.

4. Cloud Atlas

Let me tell you what my friend's mom said after we left the theater. "Wow. I thought that would never end." 
My thoughts exactly, ma'am. There were some beautiful scenes, but I counted at least 5 times I thought the climatic scene to tie it all together was going to happen...and it didn't...and the movie just kept going, and going, and...

5. Battle: Los Angeles

Aaron, we meet again. It's nice having you here, but why in the universe is this movie so awful? Why?

5. Godzilla 2014

Don't judge me. I really thought it was going to be good. /sigh

Honorable mentions from my Facebook friends and fans:
1. Divergent (Wait, would you hate me if I said I liked the movie better than the book? Still, I said I'd add fan un-favorites.)

2. The Rum Diaries

3. Watchmen (The scene when Dr. Manhattan transforms might redeem this movie...a little bit) kinda awesome.

4. The Green Lantern (Wait, this should be in my top 5 too)

5. Bridge to Terabithia (Lured me in with fantasy, dashed my hopes with the death of a little girl.) Oh, hello there Peeta.

Next time I'll share the top 10 movies that totally surprised me with their awesomeness. Can't wait!