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An Interview With Author, A.J. Adwen

Recently we were introduced to author, A.J. Adwen as she shared her writing process with us.Now, let's learn a bit more about her in this interview!

Where are you from?
I was born and raised in southern Oregon, and I have been in living in Oklahoma for five years.
Why do you write?
I can't remember a time in my life that I wasn't writing something. Writing has always been my way of expressing what I'm feeling, both good and bad. I often say that I write to heal, and I can say that in a lot of ways, it has healed from a rocky past. I know it'll be a long journey, though. And that's okay, because writing is what gives me joy.
What inspired you to write your first book?
I had a dream when I was 14 that I couldn't get out of my head for years. Actually, it was two dreams, but they were connected somehow. I still can't put my finger on how they were connected. I just knew it was the same world. In the first dream, I was in this gorgeous forest. It was so lush and green that there wasn't a single flaw to be found--no dead limbs, nothing. I was riding my horse bareback and without a bridle. We rode all over this land, into the mountains, down by the ocean. Every single part of it was so beautiful and rich, and so unlike anything I had ever seen before (which is saying something, because Oregon, my home, is gorgeous). I mean, there were colors that seemed like they didn't even belong in our spectrum. Breathtaking, peaceful, safe, inspiring.
The next dream, I was in a land that was the total opposite. The dream started with me seeing this barren wasteland, and then suddenly I was in this castle room that stretched so long that you couldn't see the end of it. Inside, two armies faced each other. One made of people; the other strange human-like creatures. The two armies collided, and somewhere along the way, I realized that I was a queen to this wasteland. I knew it was my responsibility to change it.
I also remember being VERY in love, but I never saw who I loved. The whole (second) dream was gut wrenching and terrifying. I can still remember every single detail so vividly 13 years later. That is what fuels my trilogy.
What genre do you typically write?
The Rain Trilogy is fantasy/romance, but typically I write contemporary romance. Many of those books to come (and maybe some paranormal).
How long does it usually take you to write a book?
I usually write a book in 3-6 months. That's just the first draft. From the moment I write the first word to the moment I am completely finished, I would say 9 months is average. Kinda like giving birth. Ha!
What do you do to conquer writer’s block?
I think about what my character wants, and I drive the story toward that (or away from it in some cases). If I'm really stuck, sometimes reconsidering where I'm taking the story is beneficial. Sometimes I'm stuck because it just isn't working anymore. So I'll take a break, brainstorm, watch an inspiring movie, etc. Sometimes I'll think of it in the middle of the night between dreams. Weird, but true.
What can you tell us about your favorite character from your book?
My favorite character is Fallon. He is kind, noble, courageous... just an all around awesome guy. And his story is one of the most heartbreaking. I'll actually be releasing a novella about him soon!What actor or actress would you like to see play your character in the movie adaptation
Seychelle Gabriel (Raenah). 
Chris Hemsworth (Gavin).
Ian Somerhalder (Lucian).
Tom Hiddleston (Fallon).
What are your current projects?
The Choice, which is due to release late November/ early December. It is about a high school student who is raped and faced with an unwanted pregnancy, and the ultimate choice of whether or not to live in the past or move forward with her future.
If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book?
Not a single thing!

Allison was born and raised in the mountains of Oregon, birthed of the crisp, clean air and rainy forests. She now resides in Oklahoma City, though she is still thoroughly attached to her home and finds much inspiration for her stories whenever she has a chance to return. As the spouse of a police officer and a full-time photographer, she is on her toes 24/7. In 2013, she was a recipient of the Oklahoma Next Generation award: an award given to thirty individuals under the age of thirty in the state who have proven to be innovative and inspiring leaders in the arts, entertainment, business, media, and other areas of impact.

Often told that she has her head in the clouds, she couldn’t deny it even if she wanted to. Allison began dreaming up stories long before she was old enough to write them. She enjoys a variety of genres, including YA, romance, historical romance, fantasy, dystopian, and anything else that hooks her interest. She prefers to write books that tell gripping love stories in heart-wrenching, real, inspiring ways. Her stories are deep and raw, taking the reader into a world that is richly intricate. Readers often say that they are swept away and left reeling when they have finished the last page.
Allison loves to interact with her readers, and she does her best to respond to every email she receives. To learn more about her, visit her Facebook page and follow along on her writing journey!

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Introducing Justin Wilson!


Born with Asperger's Syndrome and a love of Japanese films and arts, writing simply seemed to come natural to Justin Wilson. Inspired by the works of the all time greats, and growing up in the literature loving state of Louisiana, Justin had more than a enough to work with. At twenty-years old, currently majoring in literature in college, he is ready to show everyone that he has what it takes to make in the world of literature, no matter the obstacle.

About the Novel:

The city of New Orleans, Louisiana has always been linked to the supernatural and occult, but until today, Detective Renee Chavez dismissed the claims as nothing more than tourist bait. When a murder investigation runs her afoul of supernatural creatures, she doesn't know what to make of it.

The situation grows more complicated by the arrival of a teenaged, eccentric, supernatural hunter, here on his own agenda. Despite her mistrust, if she's to stop this monster before anymore innocents die, then Chavez and the enigmatic Zero Ozawa will have to combine their knowledge and work together.

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My Writing Process By, Author A.J. Adwen **Guest Post**

My Writing Process 
By, Author A.J. Adwen

My writing process is a jumbled mess that makes no sense at the time, yet somehow it always works out in the end. I don't usually have some grand revelation about a book I should write (although The Rain Trilogy came to me in a dream when I was 14). Most of the time, a small idea or a glimpse of a scene is in the back of my mind, and it sparks something bigger. I usually don't have any idea how it will turn out until I start writing.

I rarely outline. And by rarely, I mean never. Outlines feel restricting to me, and they make me uneasy when I'm trying to write from inspiration. Unless I need to keep specific track of so many details I would otherwise forget them, I usually skip the whole thing. 

I write, I drink (live on) coffee. I pull my hair out, and sometimes even act out my own scenes to see if they feel realistic. I talk to myself a lot. Writers are weird. But at the end of it all, I finish my first draft with celebratory tears and begin my edits almost immediately.

Once I'm satisfied with my book, I send it off to be edited! Sometimes that feels like only the beginning, though. Waiting to hear what people think is often harder than writing the book itself.

And I love every minute of it.

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The Netherworld Division Street Team

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An Exclusive Interview with Author, Calinda B.

Meet our incredible guest, Calinda B, the author of Red Rex: Blood Echoes

· Where are you from?
Born in Redding, CA, moved to the Bay Area when I was 12. Now I’m a happy Pacific Northwesterner. I love it up here!

·  When did you start writing?
You mean as a career, right? Spring of 2011

·  In this new release of yours, who is your favorite character?
Red Rex of course! I have a soft spot in my heart for young men since I have two of my own. I wrote about this guy, about to graduate from high school, who thought he had his life all mapped out, like young kids do. He experienced a very disturbing rude awakening, however, when he got to see how evil his father, a male Deltarc from another planet, really is! He thought he’d take after his mother, the empath. Turns out he might have a few dark secrets to spill!

·  What inspired you to write this story?
I had a particularly challenging summer. I was able to process and sort some of the challenges through the writing of this book. Also, I knew I’d be releasing a sci-fi bundle with a group of authors this summer (Sci-fi Nights)so wanted to get another sci-fi book under my belt.
·  Are you an outline person or a non-outline person?
Non-outline. I get an idea and follow the thread to see what comes out in the weaving.

·  What is your favorite part of the writing process?
When I’m immersed in a story I go to a really happy place inside. I sort of “become” the characters and that’s it – I’m gone, thinking about their next move, plotting while in the car, under the sea scuba diving, wherever…it sort of takes over.

·  If you could change anything in your writing career so far, what would that be?
Oh, I’d be wealthier from writing! Of course! Movie deals, television series galore. I don’t think that’s what you were asking though.“I know there’s perfection to the process and my learning and growth have been as they need to be. I get a little impatient sometimes for greater success, but I know it’s coming!”

·  Where do you see yourself in five years?
I’ll be living somewhere else with my sweetie pie (we’d like to move somewhere nearby), we’ll be traveling a lot more than we are currently, relaxed and happy.

·  Do you have any advice for other authors?
Hang in there! Don’t expect instant success no matter how good you think you are. Enjoy the ride. Surround yourself with positivity, positive people.

·  What is your next project?
I’m currently working on my next contemporary romance, Trouble Times Two, the sequel to Looks like Trouble To Me. A publisher picked up six of my books and they’re currently starting to trickle out of the editor’s hands so that will keep me busy for a while. Always a new story on the horizon!

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Calinda B
Author of sexy paranormal romances

Exploring the wickedly beautiful world inside and outside my head

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Introducing Author, Tami Croft! **Author Feature**

Allow me to introduce author, Tami Croft!

Author Bio
Tami Croft is a former award nominated singer/songwriter from Ontario Canada. She began singing and writing at a very early age taking the stage for the first time at the age of 5. 
Tami went on to be nominated for best singer/songwriter two years in a row at the London Music Awards in Ontario Canada.After stepping away from the stage she took up internet marketing owning her own Traffic Exchange called Waters Edge Hits.
It was there Tami found a new creative outlet in graphic design. Being the creative type Tami's was never fully happy doing just that and wanted to explore the world of writing once again. After talking with some of her friends and pitching an idea for a novel she had going on in her head they encouraged her to pursue the writing. Thus "Discovering Me" was born.
Tami is currently in the final writing stage of "Discovering Me" which will be a two part book series. She's begun meeting new friends and fellow authors in the hopes to learn and grow as a writer. Tami has also recently signed to a talent agency and has hopes of taking the stage once more. Tami is a single mother of a 3 year old son Nicholas and is now setting out to do all the things she'd always wanted. 

For more info on Tami Croft and all about her career please visit. 

Now, enjoy this teaser...

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Roberta Pearce **Triple Book Blast**

Prepare yourselves! Today we have a triple book blast with author, Roberta Pearce.

For Those Who Wait

Fiona’s very different from the na├»ve girl who tried to seduce the object of her teenage fantasies five years ago—who, as it happened, was secretly engaged! Noah Wilding is back in her life: divorced, bitter, and just as sexy as ever. And trying to enlist her help stopping the impending marriage of his half-brother to her conniving younger sister. 

But that goal gets put on the back burner as Noah starts a campaign of seduction on Fiona—he does owe her, after all, for disappointing her dreams. A romantic week on his private Caribbean island will fix her just fine—and alleviate some of his guilt, too. 

Fiona misses the person she used to be. But will fulfilling her wildest sexual fantasies with Noah through hot Caribbean nights restore anything she’s lost? 
Probably not. But couldn’t hurt, either. Right? After all, she’s waited for him for a long time . . .

 A bride should look chaste—not caught.
They were ancient history. They were so ancient they made ancient history look modern. 

Well, okay . . . maybe medieval.

A Bird Without Wings

After an impoverished and indigent childhood, Callie Dahl is interested in one thing: money enough to buy her own home. Love and marriage are impractical pursuits, and hold zero attraction for her—though she alleviates her loneliness through the guilty pleasure of an at-far fantasy of her temporary boss, Lucius Ransome. 

So when Lucius gives her the task of disproving a long-standing Ransome Family legend, it’s a tossup for her whether the main attraction is the financial bonus he’s promised or the chance to spend time in his company! 

Her investigation unravels more than family secrets. As she plunges into a steamy affair with Lucius, everything she holds true comes apart as he introduces her to a world where love actually might mean more than money.

“Speaking of which, about assuming you had a condom—I just meant that you, with your experience, would be prepared for responsible sex, even if it were on the fly. An intelligent man is prepared for spontaneity.”

The Value of Vulnerability

Caught in a moment . . . sociopath meets good girl. 

Maybe he’s not entirely a sociopath. And maybe she’s not as nice as she seems. Still, Ford Howard is not the sort of man a smart girl plays with. But Erin Russell rediscovers her long-absent playful side right about the time she meets him . . . so challenges the sexy, beautiful man to a one-up flirtation in the back of his limo. 

Her mistake is immediately obvious. What is meant to be a lighthearted lark reveals a man with a complicated and fractured personality born of many painful experiences. She’s not sure she likes him at all . . . and when he pursues her, she knows it’s a mistake to let him catch her. 

Whatever it is about Erin that draws him, Ford doesn’t know. He doesn’t lack for female companionship. But after that limo ride, he knows one thing: Erin is the only woman brave enough to call him out on his practised veneer. 

She’s a relationship sort of woman, and Ford is a one-night stand sort of man. But already Erin is chipping away his carefully constructed persona. He needs to figure out a way to keep her without her learning who he really is. 

But Erin knows—to get everything you want, you’ve got to be vulnerable.

His discontent stemmed from dislike rather than appreciation for the hardness growing in him, and the fear that in another ten years he would not recognise himself. The fear that in another twenty, he would not even remember that any doubt had disturbed him. And that in some distant future, age and death would find him—the first person in history to utter on his deathbed: I wish I’d spent more time at the office.

Roberta Pearce bio
Roberta Pearce’s relationship with romance novels began when she fell into a box of her aunt’s dog-eared treasures that miraculously opened at the most interesting bits. All through post-secondary adventures – Russian Lit: good; torrid love scenes: better – this amour de HEA took her, though it goes without saying that she failed French. One day, she decided to make a useful contribution to society and write HEAs rather than just reading them, and still seeks one for herself in real life.

First-time participant and winner of 2013 NaNoWriMo, Pearce is still waiting for her cheque. Her influences include Fyodor Dostoyevsky [his dreamy side], Douglas Adams, Rupert Brooke, Mary Burchell, and Omar Khayyam. While she currently has no pets, she once had a pair of Siamese fighting fish named Pat and Mike, whose ghosts appear occasionally in her novels. Her imaginary hobbies include climbing Kilimanjaro and enjoying lofty literature. Her real hobbies include drinking copious bottles of wine with good friends while discussing anything that pops to mind.

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Lady Colleen **Dark Prophet: The Chronicles of Koa Book Two**

“Lady Colleen, I take it,” Koa said as she picked up her sword and clicked it back into a baton.

Lady Colleen nodded and lowered her bow. She looked Koa up and down. “The mysterious half-blood finally comes to pay a relative a visit.”

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The Lost City: Drake's Revenge (The Lost City Series Book 1)

The Lost City: Drake's Revenge (The Lost City Series Book 1)

Life in the World was simple. As always there was war, poverty, power struggles and a new leader for different years, until 2014. That was when the trumpets were heard. 

What many thought was the coming of God was, instead, a race for survival. The heavens opened up, not to receive new souls, but it opened to release the battalions of heaven's warriors against a known enemy, The Demons of Hell. The Demons of Hell, led by Raphael, came with one thing in mind, Total Annihilation of The Angels of Heaven. The Angels of Heaven, led by Gabriel and given free reign by God, came with one thing in mind, Total Supremacy over The Demons of Hell. Since they needed neutral ground to fight against each other they used the one available, Earth. 

Humanity was pushed to the brink of destruction during the war and people with abilities came to exist in the middle of the conflict. There was a decision made by each side to use one of their Lieutenants to gather intelligence from the enemy. The Angels chose Maria Faith for this task and Hell chose Simon Black. What neither side expected was for Maria and Simon to fall for each other. Even though they kept fighting the war for their sides on Earth, they were quickly losing interest in the battle. They decided to leave the war and build a life together. 

Both Heaven and Hell kept watch on them but left them alone until something happened. Maria became pregnant with Simon's son. On top of everything else, the boy was half Angel and half Demon. 
Heaven and Hell couldn't let the boy live so they plotted to kill him. Maria and Simon, who named the boy Drake Blackfaith, found out about this before the attack and they took Drake to a Guild named Never Too Late. They left Drake with the Guild and a letter, which he was to be given on his 25th birthday. The day of the attack, instead of killing Maria and Simon, Heaven captured Simon and Hell captured Maria. Both of them were to be tortured into revealing the location of Drake. 

Both Heaven and Hell wanted him because of a prophecy that was passed down 600 years before that says.... 
On the eve of his 25th year, Heaven and Hell cannot do anything except hide, his wrath and hate cannot be stopped. Both of his sides will unite, to save or destroy what's left of Earth. Heed my warning, for it will come to pass. Nothing can stop it, it's just a matter of time...

Now the year is 3014 and the war still rages on. Drake is approaching his 25th birthday and this is where our story begins... 

Author Bio

Hello Readers. My name isn't really D.L. Colon, but it is a play off of my real name. I am 23 years old and live in Puerto Rico. I started writing my first novel last year and I just recently published it. For me writing was a learning experience because my first language is Spanish and even though I speak English pretty fluently, grammar is not my strong suit. It may surprise you, but until four years ago I hated reading. I found my love for reading, and my inspiration to write, when I read The Summoner by Gail Z. Martin.

I have a Culinary Arts degree, which I'm planning on using when I move to the US early next year. On an interesting note, I got the idea for my first book, The Lost City: Drake's Revenge, from playing video games. I'm a gamer at heart, a writer by chance and a chef because it's something I love. I'm currently writing my second novel, which is the second book in The Lost City series. I hope you all enjoy my first novel and continue on with the series when the rest are released