Monday, December 17, 2012

Cambodian hot pot

I had tempted my friends with the notion of a delicious Cambodian hot pot dinner. Well, it is now winter and the perfect night to enjoy a tasty, spicy, hot pot has arrived!

Now, most of my friends are Chinese and Japanese and hadn't heard of a Cambodian version of their hot pot, so I just couldn't wait to see their reactions at the first taste of this spicy, slightly sweet, and flavorful portrayal.

The Chinese version is referred to as Chinese fondue, steamboat, or huoguo. The Japanese call theirs shabu-shabu. Below is the recipe and instructions for Yao hon, courtesy of my Cambodian best friend and her mom. Thank you mama Keo!

Step 1:

Find your local Asian market. You will not find these ingredients in your typical grocery store.

Ingredients (broth)
1 large jar of soya bean paste for sukiyaki
1 bottle of Coco Rico
4 jars of Dragonfly barbecue sauce
3 jars of shrimp paste
5 tablespoons of fish sauce
Raw peanuts
Chicken bouillon or chicken broth

Step 2
(Prepare broth)

Roast peanuts at the bottom of a large pot on medium. Keep swirling until brown.
Pour all of the other ingredients into the pot. Simmer for 30 minutes while you prep vegetables, meat and starch.

Step 3

Steam rice or make noodles
The best imported Jasmine rice from Thailand

Step 4
(Prep Vegetables)

Wash and organize the following onto platters:

Green onions
Mushrooms (bottom or baby Portobello)
Peppers for individual bowls
Bok choy

Step 5

Slice flank steak
Take shells off shrimp
Grill chicken
Fish balls
(We added roast pork as a bonus)

Step 6
(Prepare hot pot)

Set the table or places on the floor. I used an elective griddle and a Korean gas grill set with a skillet.

Your broth should be ready. Ladle enough onto each pot to fill it nearly to the top. Squeeze half a lime and add more to your taste preference!

Seat everyone around the pot with their bowls of rice, chopsticks or spoons.

There are two ways of enjoying this meal. Either each person can select their preferred ingredients and place them into the pot, watching them bubble and cook right before their eyes, or you can choose a leader and they can dump in a bunch of yummy veggies and meat and watch it cook. Then they can ladle the contents into the bowls of guests.

If the broth becomes thick and reduces, add more Coco Rico to the mixture, stir and squeeze more lime.

Now, enjoy the feast and conversation! I served 17 people with one pot and still have plenty to enjoy the next day!

There will be lots of veggies and meat leftover depending on how much your party are. I plan on making porridge in a crock pot with my leftovers. I will post that recipe as well! Yum!

Happy friends!


  1. Educational and tasty, a win-win situation! I look forward to more of these to come.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Jacky Joe! I cannot wait to have everyone over for Korean sam gyeop sal!

  2. I feel like I know so many of the people in the pictures! One of the best nights ever.

    1. I agree! That was an amazing time! Thanks for being a part of it <3