Sunday, December 23, 2012

Best Travel Apps!

With my upcoming trip to the United Kingdom, I have a couple of apps that I use when planning a trip, and others for when I have reached my destination. Here are a few that I use!


  • Kayak (The best deals on flights)
  • Priceline (I name my own price when it comes to hotels)
  • Trip Advisor (I always check reviews)
  • Travel Zoo (Excellent cruise specials)
  • Home Away (Tons of vacation rentals at your fingertips!)
  • Airbnb (Great apartments, condos, and flats)

  • Pack The Bag (Create a list of everything you need and check it off as you go!)


  • Tour Wrist (View panoramic shots of sites that you'd like to visit)
  • World Lens (In a foreign country and don't know the language? This app will translate written words for you. Just point your smartphones camera and voila!)
  • Hear Planet (Amazing!! Carry your own travel guide in your pocket. Enjoy prerecorded explanations of landmarks and exhibits.)
Now...Get out there and explore!