Sunday, September 8, 2013

Dragon Con 2013

Dragon Con 2013! 

Geeks unite! 

Last week I sent out a Facebook message asking if any of my friends wanted to join me for some fantastical fun in Atlanta. Surprisingly, five of my friends actually said that they would like to venture into the awesome culture of costumes, makeup, and mock weapons with me. 


So, with only four days to prepare, we set off to pick out the best costumes we could in such a short amount of time. What did we come up with? Well, naturally, I decided to go as one of the characters in my fantasy novel, The Chronicles of Koa: Netherworld. I chose Princess Evina, of Lyrinia. 

Thank goodness for Amazon Prime! My cool red wig and corset arrived in record time. With a little trip to Party City, I picked up a few petticoats, a sword, and even found a costume for the upcoming Halloween parties. With the help of my awesome Chinese friend, Jacky Joe, I also sported a marvelous Sharpee tattoo! Ha! Isn't that awesome?! That guy is incredible.

I'm so glad that I met my friend Nick. He decided to join me in representing The Chronicles of Koa. He came as Nickolai Frost, an agent that you'll meet in the second book of the series, Lyrinian Blade! My gosh. He looked awesome. 
I mean...what do you think?

Then, my lovely friend, Jodell, came as a cool steam punk vixen, by the name of Gilfred Flywheel. She actually created her entire outfit from scratch! She made her jewelry and stitched her costume. Check out this amazing woman!

Shannon came as a ghost buster.

And the gorgeous Victoria came as a warrior princess!

Aren't we a cool looking group?!

Take a look at the awesome pictures from our weekend! Next year, I'll have a table to promote The Chronicles of Koa, and even cooler costumes!


Oh gosh. I walked up to Manu Bennett like I knew him. Haha! I gave him a card and told him about my book. I even said that one day...when it's a show or movie, I will call him and offer him a role. He was such a nice guy and gives the best hugs!
Manu Bennett! The highlight of my trip! This hottie called me gorgeous and hugged me! I'm still swooning!

Whoa! It's Ronald Weasley!

Poison Ivy!

Lollipop Chainsaw!

Dresden and Murphy!

More awesome steampunk

Stan the Zombie

Princess Evina and Nickolai Frost

Mmm...the smell of steel

Stay tuned for more travels! The World Fantasy Convention in Brighton, UK is coming this Oct. If you'd like to see me make it there to promote The Chronicles of Koa, and make awesome videos of my trip, donate today! 

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