Saturday, March 16, 2013

Take This Waltz

I know! This movie isn't exactly new! Nevertheless, I felt like I had to share this hidden gem with you all!

Let me start by saying that Michelle Williams has made me a full fledged fan! I am in love with her. She is perfect in this understated film that has such a raw, powerful, story. It is perfectly portrayed by Michelle Williams, Luke Kirby (my new crush) and Seth Rogen.

Guess what, Seth Rogen plays Michelle Williams' husband. They seem happy on the surface...until Michelle meets this attractive neighbor and starts to contemplate cheating on her husband. I don't want to reveal too much, but this movie has one of the best scenes I've ever seen. Watch it and I am certain you'll know which one I am talking about!

Who am I kidding! Check out a clip of the film and run to your Netflix streaming device and watch the entire movie NOW!
That is all.
Good day!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

After Earth-Coming Soon!

If you haven't seen the trailer for After Earth starring Will Smith and Jaden Smith yet...DO IT NOW!!! This is a sci-fi thriller that looks incredible. It's even better than Will and his son actually play father and son roles in this film!

Jaden seems to be embarking on a journey to an evolved earth that has developed into a human obstacle course. Check out the trailer now. In theaters June 7th 2013!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Jack the Giant Slayer

Jack the Giant Slayer was unfortunately another mediocre film this week. I had such high hopes for this and Oz the Great and Powerful! A revamp of the classic fairy tale about bean stalks and giants, Jack comes up a little...short.

The lore behind it tells the story of monks who wanted to climb to the heavens in search of God. The monks apparently know how to use dark magic and they create the magic beans that lead them to the land of the giants. The giants, however, have their own ideas and they descend to the land of the humans and create all manners of havoc. The only way to stop these vicious giants is to use more magic and create a crown that bends the giants into submission. Anyone who wears this crown can control the giants, and the mighty King Eric sends them back to their home in the clouds and has the bean stalk chopped down.

It's quite the coincidence that both young Jack(Nicolas Hoult) and the princess listen to this story every night before bed as children. Ten years later, they are both thirsting for adventure as inevitably run into each other at a show about the same story they both love so much.

Both attractive, youngsters, want more out of life and find themselves on an incredible journey when Jack spills the beans and a new stalk grows. I won't reveal too much of the story, but I do feel like a few things could have been bette. Poor Stanley Tucci is the villain and he doesn't last too long. But, the awesome Ewan McGregor is the star of this movie for me! He is the captain of the royal guard, but he gets the best lines and most of the action. He is the hero for saving this movie!

All in all, Jack the Giant Slayer isn't horrible. On the contrary, the visuals are acceptable and some of the action is nice. You will be entertained, I just had higher expectations. I suppose I have to wait for the summer, when Iron Man 3 will save the day! Oh, and don't waste your money on 3D for Jack the Giant Slayer.

Oz the Great and Powerful

Oz the Great and Powerful is beautiful, yet a bit lack luster at the same time! How is such a thing possible? Well, for one James Franco isn't entirely likable. We can attribute that to the role. Oscar, or Oz, is supposed to be greedy, arrogant, and selfish, and I suppose James Franco portrayed those qualities quite accurately.

Poor Mila Kunis has accepted a role that isn't exactly...flattering. She is after all the Wicked Witch, green skin, long nose, and all. It isn't fair, Glinda(Michele Williams) and Ivanora(Rachel Weisz) get to sport lovely gowns and Theodora (Kunis) must wear an odd equestrian inspired outfit. Moving on.

(DANGER! Spoilers Ahead)

Young Oscar is a circus magician who cheats people on a daily basis with his tricks. His only moment of purity is when he genuinely looks sad that he cannot make a young girl walk when she says that she believes in him and asks for his help. Nonetheless, he's back to his old ways when he is rude to his only friend and helper, Frank (Zach Braff) who also doubles as the little monkey, Finley.

Apparently, he has angered a few fellow circus performers and must run. He hops into a hot air balloon, gets swept up in a tornado and nearly impaled by flying shards of wood. He prays for a second chance and voila! We leave the black and white world of Kansas behind and enter the technicolor land of...Oz!

The next few minutes flies by at hyper speed. Oz lands, meets Theodora, they kiss, and she is suddenly madly in love with him. It's obvious to the audience, that he doesn't feel the same. Theodora leads him to the Emerald City, and they pick up a little talking monkey along the way, Finley. I did find it strange that Zach Braff sounded a lot like Nathan Lane as he voiced the monkey!

Ivanora is waiting for them and she does not think Oz is the wizard of prophecy, whom is supposed to get rid of the Wicked Witch and reclaim the throne. They send Oz to break the wand of that evil witch and along the way, Oz and Finley rescue an adorable girl made of China. She is charming, funny, and one of the best things about this movie.

We learn that Ivanora is actually the wicked one and has framed poor, beautiful Glinda, the Good Witch.

Once Oz learns the truth, he aides with the Tinkers, the Farmers, and the Munchkins and they prepare for war! Too bad Ivanora has tricked Theodora into thinking Oz has betrayed her. She gives her a green apple and the lovely Theodora sheds her beautiful visage and becomes the grotesque, cackling, hag she was destined to be.

Oz faces some tough decisions when he realizes those poor people are depending on him. He isn't sure he wants to help others yet. Sure he wants all of the gold the throne entails but he also wants to run away back to Kansas. Nonetheless, he finds some goodness within himself thanks to the little China girl. He prepares the people, creates some clever inventions and leads them to the Emerald City. Can you guess the outcome? Well, I am sure you can, but I am going to encourage you to see for yourself, if for nothing but the beauty of the cinematography, and the lovely creations.

There are a few things that I really enjoyed about the film, and they were all references to THE WIZARD OF OZ. the cowardly lion and the scarecrow were cleverly foreshadowed. This film is entertaining. It just wasn't as remarkable as I anticipated. Johnny Depp and Robert Downey Jr. were both wanted for the role of Oz, and I couldn't help imagining how wonderful it would have been if either of them had accepted.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ender's Game!!!

This is one of the most exciting events I can think of right now! I have been waiting for this amazing book by Orson Scott Card to be made into a movie for years, and finally it is approaching. To make things even better, it comes out around my birthday! Catch it November 1st 2013!

I personally don't think they could have made a better choice to play Ender than the stunningly adorable Asa Butterfield. That little boy has such a powerful acting ability that he can make you believe him without saying a word! Trust me! Have you seen The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas or Hugo? There's the proof. He is amazing and I cannot wait to see him portray this spectacular role of Andrew 'Ender' Wiggings, an unusually gifted child who is sent to an advanced military school in space to prepare for a future alien invasion. Sci-fi at its best!

Enjoy the following movie stills!

Friday, March 1, 2013

The Impossible

The Impossible is the true story of a families struggle to survive a devastating tsunami and find each other in a foreign country.

Naomi Watts (Nominated for an Oscar for her role in this film)
Ewan McGregor
Tom Holland

A family of five travel to Thailand for a Christmas vacation. They are caught off guard by a massive tsunami that tore through the coast in 2006. Lucas and his mother are separated from the father and two smaller boys. Plagued by numerous injuries and fear, the young Lucas must help his mother and find their way back to civilization. They believe that the other family members are dead and try to stay together once they reach villagers who take them to a shabby hospital. The scene is chaotic as dead bodies litter the roads and the cries of those injured and grief stricken fill the air.

My Thoughts:
I knew going into the theater that this was going to be an emotional film. I actually cried when I saw the trailer. It's that heart wrenching! What I didn't expect was the horrific images of the tsunami. My jaw dropped as I watched children, mothers, animals, and all walks of life get swept away by giant waves. People were stabbed, crushed, smacked and strangled during this event and within the first 15 minutes of the movie, I was slouched in my seat crying... If I hadn't seen this happening to children, I might have been able to compose myself. The Impossible is a beautiful movie, not just the cinematography, but the depiction of human emotion and triumph.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and have to give accolades to Tom Holland who played Lucas. Naomi Watts was remarkable in her Oscar nominated role. I felt everything she felt. Ewan McGregor was superb as well, his scenes were perfectly touching, and the two little boys were charming and we all hated to see them suffer.

You must see this film. Do it now!