Friday, March 1, 2013

The Impossible

The Impossible is the true story of a families struggle to survive a devastating tsunami and find each other in a foreign country.

Naomi Watts (Nominated for an Oscar for her role in this film)
Ewan McGregor
Tom Holland

A family of five travel to Thailand for a Christmas vacation. They are caught off guard by a massive tsunami that tore through the coast in 2006. Lucas and his mother are separated from the father and two smaller boys. Plagued by numerous injuries and fear, the young Lucas must help his mother and find their way back to civilization. They believe that the other family members are dead and try to stay together once they reach villagers who take them to a shabby hospital. The scene is chaotic as dead bodies litter the roads and the cries of those injured and grief stricken fill the air.

My Thoughts:
I knew going into the theater that this was going to be an emotional film. I actually cried when I saw the trailer. It's that heart wrenching! What I didn't expect was the horrific images of the tsunami. My jaw dropped as I watched children, mothers, animals, and all walks of life get swept away by giant waves. People were stabbed, crushed, smacked and strangled during this event and within the first 15 minutes of the movie, I was slouched in my seat crying... If I hadn't seen this happening to children, I might have been able to compose myself. The Impossible is a beautiful movie, not just the cinematography, but the depiction of human emotion and triumph.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and have to give accolades to Tom Holland who played Lucas. Naomi Watts was remarkable in her Oscar nominated role. I felt everything she felt. Ewan McGregor was superb as well, his scenes were perfectly touching, and the two little boys were charming and we all hated to see them suffer.

You must see this film. Do it now!

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