Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Preparing For An Adventure of a Lifetime!

It's Tuesday...the day before I leave for my epic journey to England.

I've dreamed of this moment since I was a little girl watching British television shows with my mother. I spent my childhood immersing myself in classic British
literature and writing little stories about lords and ladies in the countryside with large manors and lovely accents. Now, I've managed to align myself with the perfect opportunity to visit the country of my dreams. 

I will attend the World Fantasy Convention, where hundreds of agents,
editors, publishers, and fellow authors like myself will gather, learn, and network. I will promote my debut novel, The Chronicles of Koa: Netherworld
and seek out an agent or publisher for my fantasy trilogy, Rise of the Flame! Not only that, but I will immerse myself in the British culture.

I didn't book a hotel room...no, I decided to go the path less traveled. It may seem like a scary path, an uncertain path, or perhaps a dangerous path. 

But I never said I was a girl frightened easily. No, I write about heroic women that make their own paths, choose their own destinies, and hold their heads high in the face of adversity!


I make is sound like I'm entering a secret criminal ring of some sort. No. I'm actually just going to couch surf. I couch surfed a bit during my stay in South Korea. 

It was one of the best times of my
life, and I met some incredible people that became lifelong friends! 

Now, instead of shelling out more than a grand on a hotel room, I've decided to stay with hosts. I found a few lovely Brits that are willing to let an author stay with them free of charge. 

Well...it's not exactly "free." I will shower them with my fun personality and cheer.
Couch surfing is a culture exchange. So, while I think the Brits are totally awesome dude, they think people from the states are pretty cool too. 

Everybody wins! 

Here's what you do. You sign up on their website, add photos, a bio, etc, and become verified. Then, you search for hosts, check their verification, and references, and send a couch surfing request! 



Just use your common sense and check out your hosts. I only send requests to people with lots of positive references. I also pen pal them for awhile to become acclimated with their personalities and gain a certain comfort level. 

Now, I won't literally stay on a couch. Ha! Most hosts offer spare bedrooms, which is what I'll be enjoying on my stay with 4 different hosts! I'll have a new host each night pretty much. I cannot wait to share the stories with you all. 

Nonetheless, while I pack...and repack
my bag, I think of what fun it would be if I had a friend to tag along. Once again I make my way to a foreign country...all alone. But then I think about it. I'm not all all alone at all. You all are coming with me! 



Stay tuned and I will share this entire experience with you. I'd never leave a friend behind. Join me!

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