Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It's Time to Fly!!!

It's Wednesday, I spent the morning doing yoga to calm my nerves and drinking soothing tea...

Yeah right! I wish!

I actually spent the morning reorganizing my suitcase. Once I had that done...I broke the handle to my carry on. Who did I call? My mother! Mom to the rescue! We spent the afternoon searching for a new carry on suitcase, tracking down a Bank of America that could convert my US dollars (USD) to British pounds (GBP).

Once we had those shenanigans was off to the airport! I'm so surprised that I didn't cry when I said farewell to my mother. She was supposed to be here with me. It has been a dream for both of us to travel to London. Alas, things didn't wok out this time. There is always the next!

So, I made my way through the check in line and to my gate. I was super early, and decided to give my phone a little charge. What luck! I headed over to a free outlet and met the loveliest, most interesting, artist while charging phones. See, this is already the beginning of a lovely trip! 

Cheers! I'll see you in London! 7 hours! Hooray!

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