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  • One thing I wish I would have done when I traveled to the Republic of South Korea was travel lighter! Everything is so cheap there that I could have brought an entire, chic, wardrobe for next to nothing. Instead, I had to limit myself to very little shopping, since I did not have enough space in my suitcase for much more. A tip from a nice Hawaiian woman I met before I left (I wish I would have listened to her) was that I should pack light and pack another empty bag inside my suitcase.
  • Another thing you want to remember, is to take two copies of your personal identification with you.
  • Leave on a Tuesday
  • Either book far ahead, or very close to your desired date
  • One of the biggest tips, that I never skip, is to check reviews like a detective. You don't want to end up in a filthy, run down hotel, or in a lovely upscale hotel...with bed bugs! Trust me, it's not only the cheap hotels that have bed bug issues. Those creepy little blood suckers are brought to hotels by people who travel a lot. International business men and women who check into the high dollar hotels can very easily bring bed bugs with them. Check out                                          

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