Saturday, November 2, 2013

UK Adventure! Day Two!

It's Friday, and I am heading to Brighton! 

I woke up in my lovely hotel room and took my time packing up and preparing for my trip to the city by the sea. Looking back, I probably shouldn't have gone at such a leisurely pace. Nonetheless, I gathered my heavy bags and made my way to St. Paul's station. 

Luckily I had directions from my couch-surfing host, Sarah. But still...I managed to get a little...confused by the stations. You see, I was supposed to take the underground tube to Victoria. 

However, I was unaware that there is an underground station called Victoria...and a massive overground station called Victoria that pretty much takes you to tons of places outside of London. So, once I figured that out, I turned around and headed in the right direction. 

No big deal. I'm a go with the flow kinda girl and didn't let the setback bother me. 

I entered the station, bought my ticket to Brighton and found a seat on the train. Yay! Progress! I'm starting to feel like I kinda know what I am doing. 

I did however grow apprehensive when I realized that I had no way of contacting Sarah on my phone once I was outside of the tube. 


Luckily, I found a lovely PAY PHONE! Woohoo! You don't see those in the states anymore! I called my host and waited for her to arrive. What fun to finally meet the girl that I've been pen-palling with for over a month! She's incredible. Too bad she doesn't like being photographed. Anyway, we walked with my loads of luggage up the many hills of Brighton. 

Oh boy, my arms...and feet are so sore! I'll remember next time to carry very little luggage.

We made it to her charming street.

Then she made a late lunch. By this time, it was way too late to go to the convention. So, what do you do on a Friday night when the sun goes down in Brighton? Take a guess.

It's party time! Woohoo!

Haha! Actually we just had walked to the pier and had dinner and a couple of pints at a pub that's been around since the 1800's.

Funny story:
I went up to buy a pint from the bar and the guy behind the bar totally embarrassed me as I was counting my coins... He basically took the correct coins out of my hand, probably thinking that I didn't know the difference. 

Hey fella, I knew what I was doing! I'm just a little slower! 

Ha! Anyway, I laughed it off, as did he, and went to enjoy my pint of English lager. 

Alas, my host was was I, and we took a taxi back to her lovely 3 story home. Yeah...the boiler went out at her house and we were without heat and hot water. 

Yay! Adventure at its best! 

Ha! Looking forward to sharing day 3 with you all! 


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