Monday, November 11, 2013

The 5 Apps I Could Not Live Without in England!

The following is a list of the apps that helped me make it through my journey to England all alone!

Whatsapp enables you to text people from all around the world, simply with a wifi connection!
Tube Map London was essential for getting around central London. I love this app because you can input two stations and it will map out your journey for you!

Couchsurfing helped me make it around England without spending tons of money on hotel rooms, or trying my luck with hostels. 

Pocket Guide was incredible. There are tons of tours to pick from. Stand outside of St. Paul's Cathedral, or any museum, etc, and it'll direct you to the great spots with audio history and more.

Yelp helped me chose places to eat, sleep, and shop. Read the many reviews and find the perfect restaurant in most countries!

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