Sunday, November 24, 2013

We Are Off to California!

I was up at 5 am this morning. I lugged my bags downstairs, hopped into my chariot, and sped to the airport once again. 

First, let's answer a quick question. Why am I flying to San Diego? The answer is simple. I've never been, it's warm, and I need to get away and complete Lyrinian Blade (The Chronicles of Koa #2.) My choices were broad...I almost flew out to Maine...but then I realized that there was a chance of being snowed in. It's cold in Charlotte, so I chose Cali. It's cheap, warm, and full of sights to see!

Okay. Back to the flight!

My first flight is to Utah. I am thrilled that I ended up with plenty of space in my row once again. Another girl and I smiled at each other when the other patrons who had seats in our fully booked flight never arrived. 

Now, as glance out my window, I am astounded by the beauty of Salt Lake City, Utah!

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