Thursday, December 13, 2012

Best British Dramas on Netflix!

Here is a pretty spectacular list of what British tv shows and series you can catch on Netflix. If you are an Anglophile like myself, you will definitively appreciate this one!

-Downton Abbey (um...duh!)
-Dr. Who
-Being Human (much better than the U.S. version)
-The Inbetweeners (love it!)
-North and South
-Wives and Daughters
-Catherine Cookson Anthology (they are all good!)
-The IT Crowd (hilarious!)
-The Grand
-Upstairs, Downstairs

Please, comment if I missed one of your favorites!

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  1. Takabbur In a recent interview, Kajol talked about her craze for Pakistani dramas. She said a while back it would have been totally impossible for a Bollywood actor to religiously follow Pakistani soaps or be enthusiastic about them, but things have totally changed.