Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn

When five people in the course of a week recommend a book, you better listen and buy it right away! This was the case for me.

Five of my friends raved about Gillian Flynn's new book, Gone Girl. It is an incredibly suspenseful thriller that is sure to keep you up all night, flicking through pages in rapt astonishment!

It is about a woman who has gone missing and her husband who is suspected of killing her. You will be amazed at how well done this story is. It is told from the husband, Nick's, point of view and through Ann's diary entries. You think you know how this will end. I guarantee you, you don't!

Trust me, this story, set in three riveting parts, is remarkable. You haven't read a book this twisted before. I will be picking up her other books ASAP. Sharp Objects and Dark Places are sampled at the end of Gone Girl, and I am already hooked.

This makes me wonder, should I be writing mysteries too? Well, Where's Katie and Dark Lake, my latest short stories are mixtures of horror and mystery. Dark Lake is up now and Where's Katie will be posted after the contest. Check out Dark Lake on my writing site. Http://www.Knlee.net


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