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Roberta Pearce **Triple Book Blast**

Prepare yourselves! Today we have a triple book blast with author, Roberta Pearce.

For Those Who Wait

Fiona’s very different from the na├»ve girl who tried to seduce the object of her teenage fantasies five years ago—who, as it happened, was secretly engaged! Noah Wilding is back in her life: divorced, bitter, and just as sexy as ever. And trying to enlist her help stopping the impending marriage of his half-brother to her conniving younger sister. 

But that goal gets put on the back burner as Noah starts a campaign of seduction on Fiona—he does owe her, after all, for disappointing her dreams. A romantic week on his private Caribbean island will fix her just fine—and alleviate some of his guilt, too. 

Fiona misses the person she used to be. But will fulfilling her wildest sexual fantasies with Noah through hot Caribbean nights restore anything she’s lost? 
Probably not. But couldn’t hurt, either. Right? After all, she’s waited for him for a long time . . .

 A bride should look chaste—not caught.
They were ancient history. They were so ancient they made ancient history look modern. 

Well, okay . . . maybe medieval.

A Bird Without Wings

After an impoverished and indigent childhood, Callie Dahl is interested in one thing: money enough to buy her own home. Love and marriage are impractical pursuits, and hold zero attraction for her—though she alleviates her loneliness through the guilty pleasure of an at-far fantasy of her temporary boss, Lucius Ransome. 

So when Lucius gives her the task of disproving a long-standing Ransome Family legend, it’s a tossup for her whether the main attraction is the financial bonus he’s promised or the chance to spend time in his company! 

Her investigation unravels more than family secrets. As she plunges into a steamy affair with Lucius, everything she holds true comes apart as he introduces her to a world where love actually might mean more than money.

“Speaking of which, about assuming you had a condom—I just meant that you, with your experience, would be prepared for responsible sex, even if it were on the fly. An intelligent man is prepared for spontaneity.”

The Value of Vulnerability

Caught in a moment . . . sociopath meets good girl. 

Maybe he’s not entirely a sociopath. And maybe she’s not as nice as she seems. Still, Ford Howard is not the sort of man a smart girl plays with. But Erin Russell rediscovers her long-absent playful side right about the time she meets him . . . so challenges the sexy, beautiful man to a one-up flirtation in the back of his limo. 

Her mistake is immediately obvious. What is meant to be a lighthearted lark reveals a man with a complicated and fractured personality born of many painful experiences. She’s not sure she likes him at all . . . and when he pursues her, she knows it’s a mistake to let him catch her. 

Whatever it is about Erin that draws him, Ford doesn’t know. He doesn’t lack for female companionship. But after that limo ride, he knows one thing: Erin is the only woman brave enough to call him out on his practised veneer. 

She’s a relationship sort of woman, and Ford is a one-night stand sort of man. But already Erin is chipping away his carefully constructed persona. He needs to figure out a way to keep her without her learning who he really is. 

But Erin knows—to get everything you want, you’ve got to be vulnerable.

His discontent stemmed from dislike rather than appreciation for the hardness growing in him, and the fear that in another ten years he would not recognise himself. The fear that in another twenty, he would not even remember that any doubt had disturbed him. And that in some distant future, age and death would find him—the first person in history to utter on his deathbed: I wish I’d spent more time at the office.

Roberta Pearce bio
Roberta Pearce’s relationship with romance novels began when she fell into a box of her aunt’s dog-eared treasures that miraculously opened at the most interesting bits. All through post-secondary adventures – Russian Lit: good; torrid love scenes: better – this amour de HEA took her, though it goes without saying that she failed French. One day, she decided to make a useful contribution to society and write HEAs rather than just reading them, and still seeks one for herself in real life.

First-time participant and winner of 2013 NaNoWriMo, Pearce is still waiting for her cheque. Her influences include Fyodor Dostoyevsky [his dreamy side], Douglas Adams, Rupert Brooke, Mary Burchell, and Omar Khayyam. While she currently has no pets, she once had a pair of Siamese fighting fish named Pat and Mike, whose ghosts appear occasionally in her novels. Her imaginary hobbies include climbing Kilimanjaro and enjoying lofty literature. Her real hobbies include drinking copious bottles of wine with good friends while discussing anything that pops to mind.

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