Friday, February 26, 2010



Sorry, I had to vent.
Trust me, it hurts to do so, because I was so looking forward to this movie.
But really, why did they do this to us?
I wanted to like it so much, because of my love for Paul Bettany, but it just isn't possible. I admit, I kind of had a feeling that it would turn out this way, but at least I gave it a try!
Within the first 10 minutes after seeing the terrible shape-shifting of a possessed police officer and his cartoon-like sharp teeth, I had to giggle, and then I was just really upset as the film went on, and on.
This could have been so much better, the story was ridiculously flawed and really didn't make much sense, not to mentioned it was intensely contradicting of itself. Nonetheless, there were some moments that drew very near redemption.
While there were many notable actors, Paul Bettany, Dennis Quaid, and Kate Walsh, I was most impressed by Charles S. Dutton and Kevin Durand who played the angel Gabriel in this film. Although the storyline and dialogue was pretty bland and seemed to make fun of itself, these characters gave the best delivery by far, and displayed emotion that the other characters failed to exhibit.

Gods angry with humanity, therefore he's going to get really creative in his destruction of mankind and send out angels who will then possess "weak-willed" individuals, who will in turn seek out an unborn child that is supposedly the only hopes for the survival of the human race!
Ok, these people who are trapped in a diner called "Paradise Falls", in the middle of nowhere, are the only hopes of helping keep the waitress, who is mother or the unborn child alive, with the help of Gods most trusted angel, Michael.... sounds a little like The Prophecy if you ask me. However, Paul is much hotter than Eric Stoltz...
Back to the plot:
Michael thinks he knows better than God, apparently he is just having a temper tantrum and Michael must put him in his place. There's gore, there's a lot of deaths and a lot of time where there's plenty of chances to explain things further but not utilized at all. Plus, angels are very skilled in martial arts and weaponry, and for those moments when under heavy gunfire in heaven, they have bullet proof wings. Seriously?
It's pretty mindless and will probably entertain a few. Oh, and guess what, they threw a little extra haphazard material to set up for a sequel (gag). My most positive comment?
Well, Paul Bettany still looks pretty hot with wings ;)

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