Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Spring is here!'s 2012!
     Four years of waiting...and yes...The Avengers was AWESOME!!!!!
     No one can dispute this plain fact. I saw it twice over the weekend, Friday night and Sunday morning, and every showing was selling out and had long lines trailing out of the theater. Parking was nonexistent and there was such Avenger hysteria in the air, that it was palpable. I would be surprised if any other movies were seen this weekend.

                                   Why was it AWESOME?

1) The Hulk...aka...Mark Ruffalo. His portrayal of Dr. Banner was very believable and they made sure that he kept leaving hints about how cool the Hulk would be once unleashed. They delivered. My favorite parts were of the Hulk, namely in the epic conclusion of the movie.

2) Iron Man was witty as usual. Actually, everyone had pretty hilarious lines throughout the movie.

3) Tom Hiddleston. Sorry folks, I loved him in Thor as Loki, and I still love him, even though he keeps acting out. Poor boy just wants some love! Anyway, he is a great actor, and I love his character. He was a great foe for the Avengers, with just the right amount of evil and charm.

4) They are obviously spinning the idea of making a Black Widow movie. Scarlett Johansson was literally in almost every scene... and I love her!

5)Joss Whedon (The director/writer)... *silently bowing* Good job sir...good job.

                        What could they have done better?

1)I love Thor, but there could have been more character development for him. He kind of got upstaged by Iron Man.

2)Captain America...umm...can we please give him some more special abilities. I love his shield at all, but is that it? The captain was funny, and led the team well, but the captain had better have something else up his sleeve to make me want to see Captain America 2 (stay after the credits for a teaser for Avengers 2) I say this because one of my friends, who shall remain nameless, thought the villain in the scene was Red Skull, however it is actually Thanos who is a mutant member of the race of superhumans known as the Titanian Eternals...So there.

3) And I have nothing. 1 and 2 are it. Thank you.

So!!! Get up!!! Go see it tonight, and tomorrow, and the day after because it is THAT good.

Au revoir :)

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