Sunday, April 7, 2013

Evil Dead

Five friends return to a family cabin to help their friend detox. Little do they know that only a short while ago a ceremony was performed to exorcise a young girl of a demon. Unfortunately, they left behind the book that summons the demon once again. Even more unfortunately, one of the friends, the teacher, is too curious to let the book go unread, thus releasing the demon upon their poor detoxing friend.

All right. This looks familiar, and I didn't expect to enjoy this movie...but I did! It had all of the same elements of every cabin in the creepy woods movie I've ever seen, but it was very well done. I can't think of anyone that can out do Jane Levy! This girl makes a face that will strike fear into your heart. She fully commits and gives us a grimy, horrifying, performance that'll keep your stomach in knots the entire time.

The standout characters for me were, Jane Levy (of course) and Lou Taylor Pucci. The others were ok, but not as committed to their roles. Nonetheless, I was completely engrossed in this film. Every gory scene was perfect and it definitely makes you believe that there is evil in that cabin.

You won't be disappointed. Watch it now!

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