Friday, August 9, 2013

Asheville, North Carolina

Travel. It is what I live for. Besides writing, travel is my greatest passion. If only I could pack a bag and go anywhere in the world that I wanted, life would be perfect. 

Alas, I cannot. 

Sad face!

I have work, and I have a slew of books to complete. So, what can I do to quench my thirst for travel and adventure. Well, take a mini vacation! That's exactly what I did this past weekend. My best friend, Isaac came into town. 

Hooray! He is a regional director at a University in Saudi Arabia and I only get to see him twice a year. This is the same guy that I traveled to South Korea to visit. Yes, he is that important to me. Nothing can keep us apart...except...say, really strict Saudi Arabian laws. He just had to accept a position in the one place that I cannot visit! I mean, women's freedom is not something they look too kindly on over there...

 Oh well, he came home, and we took the weekend to travel to the beautiful town of Asheville, North Carolina. Mountains, rivers, picturesque sunrises and sunsets, and...breweries. Sounds like a great time, right? 

It was! 

We had a blast. Two days felt like an escape from the mundane and the pressures of the work week. 

So we packed up his dad's old Mercedes and took a leisurely ride on the highway to freedom. I played all of my favorite songs for Isaac since he hadn't really heard American songs in so long, and before we knew it, we had arrived! Asheville is only about 2 hours away from Charlotte. In Black Mountain, we pulled up to a cozy little bed and breakfast called The Friendship Lodge. This is the first thing I noticed...

And then, on the door...

Raise your hand if you're confused.
 Raise Your Hand too.

Finally, we decided to head up to his grandmother's to give her a visit and find out how to check in to our lodging later. Turns out there is a secret entrance...sorry, I can't tell you about it. Check them out and maybe you'll learn the secret.

Meeting Isaac's family was wonderful and a nice walk around the quaint little downtown of Black Mountain was enchanting. After asking a few locals, who were lounging in two of the many rocking chairs placed throughout the downtown area, where was a good place for dinner, we decided on My Father's Pizza. A little unassuming in appearance, but the food was spectacular! 
 Yum! More bread please!

Later, we strolled around the town and headed back to the b&b where we finally checked in. It was a little...creepy. But just imagine spending the weekend at your grandma's house and that's what The Friendship Lodge is like.

There was no air conditioner, and a little outdated. 

Very quaint! 

The best part, by far, were the amazing innkeepers, Sarah and Bob! They made us delicious food each morning and delighted us with tales from their past. Bob even bought my book, The Chronicles of Koa! How incredible is that?!

The next two days were spent exploring Asheville's beautiful scenery and tasting the food they had to offer! Here's a look at some of the fun we had!
Lake Tomahawk

Meeting some duck, duck, goose friends ;)

Do you like my lake?

Swinging is for kids!

Lake Susan

Nice...martini there Isaac.

How do you like my beer? Don't you wish you had one?


Oh, beautiful Montreat! Watch out for that car!

I want one!

Pausing to smell the flowers at the Asheville Botanical Gardens

I'm just posing by a creek

Friendship like this...lasts forever

Is that Arabic you're reading, ma'am? Why yes it it!

Come take a seat in my giant chair!

Nice red pants, Isaac. They match my chair.
 And so...our time in Asheville had to end. We shall be back!

Good bye Asheville!


  1. My passions are also writing and traveling. I have a recipe and travel blog at I thought this post was fun.

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I will check out your blog as well.

  2. Great post and photos! Stop by Biltmore Village and downtown Asheville next time. Posting this to our Facebook page. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks! I certainly will. I hope to return there very soon.