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An Interview with Vampire Fantasy Author, Michael Holman

An Interview with Vampire Fantasy Author, 

Michael Holman

Q1:  When did you know you wanted to be a writer?
A1:  In 2009, I watched a DVD in my collection where a supporting actor asked the lead one "So, did ya ever write that book?"  It wasn't just the reply of "No.  No, I never got around to it," that galvanized my decision, it was the facial expression too, the haunted expression which accompanied the dialogue.  The idea came and smacked me upside my (literary) head:  if I write my own stories and DON'T become the next best-seller on that New York Times List, so what?  What's the worst that can happen, my former English teachers from Salem-Keizer School District 24J converge on my position so they can pelt me with chalkboard erasers, perhaps chase me around with brandished wooden rulers?  Somehow, I doubt that, and I've got to at least give creative writing another shot.

Q2:  Is there anything difficult about writing or publishing?
A2:  I go through periods where so many ideas zing through my head at once it's hard to choose one central idea for a story and follow up with the process of writing it, then there's also the polar opposite difficulty, when "Stand By" may as well scroll across my forehead, because my brain is doing a dead battery impression--click, click, click. 

 But even worse is publishing.  I'll NEVER, repeat NEVER use ANY publish-on-demand company AGAIN.  The cost is too high, and the return is too low.  Hindsight is always 20/20.

Q3:  Who is your favorite author?
A3:  This response may look odd, coming as it does from a paranormal romance fiction author, but I gotta go with Tom Clancy.  Readers lost a great author when he passed away.

Q4:  Favorite book?
A4:  "Patriot Games".

Q5:  Do you have a favorite quote?
A5:  When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle. --  EDMUND BURKE

Q6:  Your books deal with vampires and humans.  What do you like about vampires?  If you had the choice, would you become one?
A6:  I suppose the main thing I like about vampires is their supernatural strength.  So many times, I've seen jerks who are just plain arrogant and lazy, with no disabled placard visible (which is mandatory by the Oregon Revised Statutes, by the way) park in designated zones for people like my sister Tricia, who have a medical need to park close to buildings.  I'd like to heave vehicles of scoff-laws into the Willamette River, then say something like, "Dang, your warranty expired?  Whoa, that's a bummer, dude."  I wouldn't want to become a vampire, though--when my time's up, my time's up.  I just don't see the benefit of roaming the Earth if my family and friends can't. Plus, every race I've ever run (and there have been a LOT) start in the morning.

Q7:  What are you working on now?
A7:  I'm alternating between writing short stories (I've written four in less than a month) and writing my third novel entitled "Escalation".  On February 20, a bit more than a month from now, I'll attend a writer's workshop in Portland Oregon.  In addition to the all-day conference, I'll also have an opportunity to pitch my paranormal horror/thriller about a supernatural British World War 1 tank versus a telekinetic guy having a for-keeps confrontation in Silver Falls State Park to a literary agent for ten minutes.  I'm bringing a one-page synopsis of the story with me, and I'm considering offering the agent I speak with a copy of it when my pitch is over.  I'm thinking that I'll put those short stories in one compilation book when I have more of them written.  I haven't made a final decision what title to put on the cover of that collection, but I'm kicking around the idea of using "Lace 'Em Up, Rock And Roll".

Q8:  Do you have a specific writing style?
A8:  My first two novels, "Resolve And Retribution" followed by its sequel "Returns And Reunions" were both written in first person, but to make "Escalation" work, I'm writing that book in third person.  Talk about an

Q9:  Is there anything that you want to say to your readers?
A9:  After I finished "Resolve And Retribution", my brother-in-law took me aside and confided that he usually doesn't even bother reading fictional material--doesn't have time for it in most circumstances--but once he'd read the first page, he was drawn further in.  He said he had to see what would happen next.

Ideally, that's what I'd like EVERY reader to experience, no matter what the plot is.  I also want them to take sides, get emotionally invested.  But, because all are unique, I won't please everyone.  That's impossible.  What I CAN do is make my best-faith effort to write a story that's capable of enticing most to keep reading word to word, line to line, page to page.  You have my promise I won't forget what it's like to be a reader that wants to relax for awhile, escape into a world of imagination, and enjoy a story so much the clock gets ignored.

Q10:  If you could go back in time, what time period would you go to?  What would you do there?
A10:  I'd go back to the 1950's and test drive every DeSoto, Edsel, Nash, Studebaker, and Packard I could persuade dealerships to let me get behind the wheel of...maybe swing by a few drive-ins and watch the pretty car hops work their magic on those roller skates as I make those malted milk shakes last as long as possible.

Naturally, at some point, I'd have to bust out my Nikes and go for one doozy of a training run.  

About Michael's Latest novel, Returns and Reunions:

At the conclusion of "Resolve And Retribution", Ben declares Tabitha, Jane, and himself are all finishers, and that's true enough.  But Tabitha has another enemy, Victoria, who wasn't there when Lilith got neutralized in Bush Park.  The problem is, Victoria has access to alien technology she intends to use for the creation of a new, human-hostile Council of Thirteen.  There's no question of the traitor's intent of carrying out her ancient Roman vampire mistress' ultimate plan, because, as Ben knows, an alien serum Lilith obtained is already in Tabitha's bloodstream, thanks to the evil undead pair attacking his girlfriend right in front of him to send their message.  Well, Ben has a message, too:  Bring on the next finish line.  He's seen how blatantly wicked Victoria is, and he's not the same human who once balked at terminating a vampire who wanted him dead.  He knows what the grim score is once Victoria rejects his attempt at making peace.  That's when a line gets drawn in the sand of "Returns And Reunions".  There will be no more quarter asked nor given.  The vampire civil war brought by Lilith to Ben's home turf in Oregon's Willamette Valley isn't over.  And...there are those who won't walk the Earth by the time it's done, human and vampire alike.

Author Biography:
Michael W. Holman is a bachelor who has spent his life in the Pacific Northwest.  He lives in Salem, Oregon.  His favorite activities include distance running, reading and writing fun, short fiction for when more serious, longer writing projects need to be set aside briefly for his own sanity, and playing strategy board games with his nearby immediate family members on Friday nights.  His second book, "Returns And Reunions", is the sequel to his first novel, "Resolve And Retribution".

Connect with Michael:

Twitter:  Michael Holman @runnernovelist
Facebook:  Michael Holman (Works at ODOT, lives in Salem OR) 
Google:  Michael Holman (

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