Monday, July 18, 2016

______♦♦99 Cent NEW RELEASE♦♦ ______

______99 Cent NEW RELEASE ______

5 Stars! "An ex-con and a deputy-sheriff...HOT!"

Out of jail and finally ready to confront the man who left her there to rot, bank robber, Abigail Rivers is upset to learn Benton Sellers --the man she gave up her freedom for-- has moved on with no regard for the sacrifices she has made for him.
She runs into handsome police officer Scott Jenkins who doesn’t care for the man Benton is pretending to be.
The dangerous attraction between the man of the law and the ex-inmate threatens to get in the way of her revenge, but there’s a lot more going on in her former lover Benton’s life than she could have ever imagined. Things are about to get dangerous.


Emily Walker loves creating worlds and stumbling around in them. She is constantly losing her chap-stick, and has an obsession with the color pink. Currently a resident of the mountains and loving the view she writes mostly paranormal fiction, and horror. Her small family consists of her red-bearded other half, a rat terrier named Rebel, and a cat called Graveyard.

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