Tuesday, July 15, 2014

K.N. Lee Book Tour

Greetings, friends!

I am author, K.N. Lee and plan on touring the U.S. & United Kingdom to promote by series, The Chronicles of Koa. I am an indie author and have worked tirelessly to make this series an international bestseller. Being that I am solely responsible for my book's success, I must fund every expense.

I am hoping that generous friends, family, and fans will join me in this incredible journey.

Last year's tour was very sucessful and through the kindness of friends, I traveled to Brighton, London to promote the first book of the series, Netherworld. This year I would like to promote Netherworld and its sequel, Dark Prophet. So I ask you, please support indie authors, and donate to my tour. Not only will you receive a gift of your choosing, but a mention on my website www.kn-lee.com, and in the acknowledgements in the third book of the Chronicles of Koa series.

My plan is to stock independent bookstores with copies of The Chronicles of Koa, hold signings, and visit conventions across the U.S. (NYC, Seattle, Atlanta, San Francisco,) and United Kingdom. Did someone say roadtrip? That's right! I'm loading up the car and sharing my book with as many potential readers as I can!

Thank you in advance!
K.N. Lee

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