Thursday, January 24, 2013

Goodbye Cable...Hello Streaming Devices!

Recently, I posted a lot of lists about TV shows and movies on Netflix. A couple of years ago my mother bought me a  Roku, an awesome little device that allows me to stream 100's of hours of entertainment! 
Install this amazing little device and you can enjoy Netflix, Amazon, HBO GO, Flixster, and over 600 channels including international channels!

The next amazing device is Apple TV. It's small and compact and doesn't have a ton of wires. Setup is very simple and it allows you to stream Netflix, your iTunes music, movies, and photos from your iPhone or  iPad.

Another option, and one that I personally love, is the Sony Playstation 3
After extensive use, I find that I actually prefer the Playstation 3 to stream Netflix. It updates regularly and gives you more options. Roku however, has more channels.

What is your favorite streaming device?

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