Friday, January 25, 2013

Top Ten Period Piece Films

Everyone knows that K.N. Lee is a major Anglophile, and enjoys classic British literature. If you enjoy movies based off of the classics, then here is the list for you! As a bonus, you can find most of these films on Netflix's instant queue right now.

The Buccaneers

  1. Emma (The Romola Garai version, however, the Gwyneth Paltrow version will suffice if you cannot find the BBC version.)
  2. North and South
  3. Persuassion
  4. Pride and Prejudice
  5. Wuthering Heights (Tom Hardy is superb as Heathcliff!)
  6. Anna Karenina (The Keira Knightley version is wonderful, check out my review for it.)
  7. Sense and Sensibility
  8. The Buccaneers
  9. Vanity Fair
  10. Tenant of Wildfell Hall
You can own them today!

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  1. So glad someone else agrees that the Romola Garai version of Emma is the best!!! Love your list minus Wuthering Heights... I still just can't warm up to that story lol. Now I must watch Emma again!!

  2. I love Emma! I know how you feel about Wuthering Heights, especially after the newest version. Yuck! I think I am partial to the BBC Masterpiece Classic because of Tom Hardy lol. I would replace that spot with Wives and Daughters if it wasn't for him :P

  3. Which Pride and Prejudice? The only good one is the one with Colin Firth.

  4. could you narrow down period pieces to 10! So hard!

  5. <- The Virgin Queen is AWESOME and free on Amazon prime.
    ...and I hope you've jumped on the Downton Abbey Bandwagon....if not, we need to talk.