Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lawrence BoarerPitchford *Author Feature*

Meet Author, Lawrence BoarerPitchford.

Within the fiery crucible of the abyss of time I was conceived. From that sticky and unwashed oblivion emerged a man that clawed his way to the bottom rung of the ladder of life. From there he could only go up – and since it was the clear choice, up he went. It is to that second rung that I pulled myself up to. Through heroic trials of bold deeds, and burnt offerings, a muse came to me, and with it the passion to put ink to paper. Unfortunately, skill took a little longer, and again I clung on with inspiration and jarring reality clinging to my feet as I dangled from the rung. That's when hard work, divine intervention and blind luck came together to shape this lump of clay into what I now think to be an author.

But, it is not up to me to determine the outcome of all my hard work. It is up to the reader - for without those critical and ever hungry eyes prying over each word, my self-worth would be naught. Therefore, take this un-to-me, that you are the biographer of the author, for it is you who will tell the tale of my success or failure.

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There was a war. In a desperate moment, a handful of 

warriors came together to forge the single most 
powerful magic weapon that had ever existed. It was
the one thing that could defeat a pair of gods, and set
the very plane of existence back upon its balance.
Then, it was lost. 

It is a gilded age. A time when city states come together
in the name of commerce, and wealth. The finer things 
can be had by the common being, and magic relics are
sought after for their beauty and power. Such ancient
things can lead to trouble, so the city state of Moore
conducts a cold war of espionage to further its interests,
and truth be told, so does everyone else. While the
average citizen enjoys a walk in the park, or a carriage 
ride to the theater, evil strides the land in search
of ancient magic to undo the  very fabric of the world.

Ford must lay hands on an ancient magic relic that
could spell doom for his city and possibly the world.
The  problem? An ambitious mage named Raven Hill
has set  his eyes on the item, and all the power it will
imbue him with.  Ford races against time, the elements, and
even fate, to keep the single most powerful magic
weapon that exists from falling into the hands of a mad
man. If he fails, Ford’s beloved city, and all other cities,
will bow down to a self-made god.

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