Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Beautiful Creatures

This past Sunday I invited ten of my girls to join me for a night of dark fantasy! Alas, Beautiful Creatures, based on the novel by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, delights us all.

Emma Thompson, Viola Davis, Jeremy Irons, Emmy Rossum and newcomers Alice Englert and Alden Ehrenreich.

Ethan, a high school junior, longs to escape his small town life and crosses paths within a beautiful new girl with a mysterious past and an even more mysterious family. Everyone suspects that her family, the Ravenwoods/founders of the town, have dark and mystical powers. They are correct.

Lena actually has powers and the approach of her sixteenth birthday means the choice between the light and the dark. Can their love survive?

I actually enjoyed the movie and felt good after I watched it! I am ready for the sequel!

• Pros: the acting was very good! The British alums were superb and the young newcomers were also pretty convincing. Emma Thompson was so much fun to watch! Emmy Rossum did her job and was practically dripping with sex appeal. The story was pretty generic but the effects and the over the top family made it worth it!

• Cons: the cliches, the southern stereotypes, the confusing part in the end where Lena did something with her hands and nothing happened, yet Emmy Rossum was frightened.

She actually said, "No one can do that!"

I was like, "Huh? What did she do?" Nothing happened... Anyway, I must have missed something. The dialogue was cringeworthy in some parts. I also didn't enjoy hearing the evil ex/mean girl talk. She was way too typical!

Overall, the movie was entertaining, the costumes were bright and colorful and a the sets were a visual masterpiece! I love how the outside of the Ravenwood mansion looks all dilapidated and creepy, but immaculate, clean, and modern on the inside! The use of magic was interesting as well. These casters pretty much act like gods.

Enjoy a dark twist on a classic fairy tale of forbidden love? Catch Beautiful Creatures in theaters today!

If you've already seen it...what did you think? Comment!


  1. Alright so here was my take on it. Firstly thank you for putting together the movie night it was fun! Secondly the thing she did with her hand was make the moon disappear!

    As for my thoughts on the movie... The cliches were almost unbearable(almost). I actually found them more funny than anything else being a first generation girl born and raised in the south. However if there was a Southern stereotype this author threw it in there. Unfortunately many people believe that stereotype, which is what makes it annoying. My biggest pet peeve was Alden Ehrenreich's HORRIBLE fake Southern accent. Yes okay there are people down south who talk with amazing twang, but for some reason his came across condescending and it grated on my nerves.

    My favorite part was the makeup and costumes. I thought they were so well done and enchanting! I definitely will be trying to recreate some of those looks. As you said the British alums were great, much better than the story deserves in my opinion. All that being said I will of course watch any sequel that comes out. Not all movies have to be stellar in order for me to enjoy them. Sometimes you just want a movie you don't have to think about that is visually appealing and this movie fit the bill!!

  2. Excellent response Jackie! I cannot wait to have you guest post! Thank you for clearing up that confusion! I totally missed her making the moon disappear lol! I also found Ethan's accent distracting at times, but overall felt that he was a pretty good actor! The costumes and makeup were my favorite as well! I cannot wait for the next movie night. We need a good British film to look forward to ;)