Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Top Health and Fitness Apps!

Here is a list of my favorite health and fitness apps. Such apps help you stay on track so that you can meet your goals in 2013! You can find these apps on both iOS and Android devices.

1. My Fitness Pal
•Want to lose weight fast? Download this app! It helps you track your calorie intake and exercise. Once you know how much each meal is going to cost you as far as calorie allowance, you become much more aware about what you choose to eat!

2. Gympact
•Earn money just by keeping your weekly pact of going to the gym! Lose money of you skip your workouts!

3. Run Keeper
•Stay motivated and beat your best times each week. This GPS device tracks your walks or speed, distance, and pace while running. This is especially good if you have Gym Pact, it allows you to count your walk or run towards your pact instead of checking in at a gym.

4. Spark Recipes
•Delicious low calorie recipes from people like you!

5. Jillian Michael's
•Motivational check ins from one of the top trainers in the U.S.A! Workout videos and a list of moves you can do to target your trouble areas.

6. Denise Austin
•Another world renown trainer who gives excellent daily tips, meal ideas and workout videos!

7. Ease Into 5k
•Go from walking to running a 5k in just weeks! This excellent app does the pacing for you. Run a little, walk a little, until you can complete a run without breaks!

8. The Eatery
•This app is just fun! Take a photo of your meal or snack and post it to The Eatery. Users all over the world rate how healthy your choices are, and you get to do the same!

What are some of your favorite health and fitness apps? Comment!

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