Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Warm Bodies

Who knew zombies could be so charming? Well, Nicholas Hault is not your typical zombie. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, there are two types of corpse, normal, shuffling around groaning types and bonies.

I really enjoyed this movie! Warm Bodies had the perfect combination of creepy and hilarious. Now, whenever I see Rob Cordry (Hot Tub Time Machine) I know I can depend on him to make me laugh...even as a zombie! He was fantastic and very likable.

Of course Nicholas, or R, is naturally attractive, even under all of the zombie makeup and dirty scratches clothes...even as he chews raw human brains, he is a great character and I found myself rooting for him! He basically starts the movie as a not-so-mindless zombie who has an awareness of his surroundings that you wouldn't expect.

R spends his day shuffling around an airport and collecting random keepsakes. His life...err...death changes when he catches sight of the beautiful Teresa Palmer. She ignites something within him that causes him to feel again. This starts a journey towards reclaiming his humanity as he rescues and protects her from the other zombies. His interaction with a living person and their odd attraction to one another begins a revolution amongst the other zombies who want to be normal again as well!

Warm Bodies is a surprising delight and I enjoyed every minute of it! John Malkovich is his usual self...playing a complex don't know if he'll be a villain or a ally, and I love that!

Analeigh Tipton (Crazy, Stupid, Love) is a fresh face that I also love! She is hilarious, and if you were a teenage girl in the 2000's you might remember her from America's Next Top Model!

Catch it in theaters now!

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