Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Eve

Good morning! Today is Thanksgiving Eve! It is quite lovely to have a week of relaxation. I've been writing nonstop for 2 days, but that's not work, that's fun for me! I am happy to report that I got some sleep last night. Bliss! So here's the schedule... tomorrow I will tell you all about my Thanksgiving experience at a local Charlotte restaurant. Shhh, the restaurant is a secret and shall be revealed tomorrow!

 They are offering a three course dinner and a dessert buffet! Yay, sounds awesome...except I am allergic to eggs, so there might be one dessert on there that I can actually eat! I seriously hope and pray that there is pie!!! Nonetheless, this will be my first restaurant review. Granted I've been to this place at least three times, and know their food is delicious (lamb burgers = mmmmm). 

Check in tomorrow for the Thanksgiving verdict. Yum yum, and have a great day!

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