Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Book Of Eli

A few weeks ago I posted an article on the most anticipated movies of 2010 and The Book of Eli was listed. Well, this movie was what I expected it to be, and more! Denzel Washington has been a favorite of mine and millions for many years. I first saw him as a young kid in Glory and even I knew he'd be a star. His acting ability is top notch, his looks stunning and add some martial arts inspired fighting and you've got the total package. I've seen Denzel fight before, but nothing like this! Amazing choreography! I'm telling you, his moves are quick, you'd think he and Wesley Snipes trained together!

The story was something of perfection!

There are no holes in my opinion. I'm not going to reveal any secrets to the movie or anything but here's a brief synopsis. It's 30 years after a terrible war and blinding flash of light from the sun, or maybe from effects of nuclear weapons, and most of the worlds population has died. A year later, after living underground, the remaining survivors walk the earth again. They must fight for clean water and supplies and little things that we take for granted now, like shampoo and chapstick, are like gold in this post-apocalyptic world. People either live in small groups of bandits, or shanty towns.

Except Denzel Washington, Eli, he is cool enough to travel solo, and can destroy anyone who gets in his way! He has something that will change the current situation of the earth and can help rebuild it as well. Then comes someone who knows the power of Eli's secret book, Gary Oldman. This guy is a wonderful actor and his role, as the villain, is totally believable. He is the ruler of a town that he built up where his henchmen have big weapons and control the people that inhabit the place. He wants Eli's book.

Remember, "it's not a book! It's a weapon!"

Also starring is Milla Kunis, and I have always loved her, but we get to see a different side of her, something that seems more real than her other roles. She truly shines. Grab a partner and quickly head to the theater to see this movie. You'll be impressed on many levels, especially the twist at the end ;)

Favorite Quote:
"You got any toys?" asks the shop keeper Denzel is bartering with.
"No, I don't play," responds Denzel.

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