Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jennifer's Body

Jennifer's Body was recently released on DVD December 29th. I admit, I didn't feel it was worth seeing on the big screen, but I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. I have a new appreciation for Megan Fox in her first starring role. She's OK in transformers, but everyone knows she's so famous and people love her because of her undeniable sex appeal. Also, congrats to Amanda Seyfried, she's gorgeous and her ability to express her emotional range in her roles is amazing.

I mean, really, this movie is about a hot highschool cheerleader who gets turned into a vampiresque-demon after a run in with an indie band that practices witchcraft. They take her against her will and attempt to kill her, but... the spell goes all wrong, because Jennifer lied about being a virgin! Uh-oh. Now she must eat the flesh and drink the blood of boys to survive and maintain her beauty. Now her best friend, oddly named Needy, who is a little nerdy and not as popular (all due to the glasses and a ponytail) must figure out how to stop her from killing all of the towns boys before she sets her eyes on her boyfriend Chip.

I love the dialogue, it's too funny. Being hot is referred to as being "salty" and being jealous is being "jello". I can see teen girls using these catch phrases all around school after this. Really, when Needy faces off against Jennifer, Jennifer says, "Don't be such a player hater!" Classic. Lol. Seriously, even Roger Ebert was surprised by this movie. You expect it to be another cheesy, slasher, teen horror flick, yet, it's so much more. Rent it, or buy it today!


  1. this is a good read, b/c I would never rent this video without your input... thanks!!! Hey, I need a good movie to rent this weekend! I just saw (finally) Inglorious Basterds - TOO GOOD FOR WORDS! I love BP!!!

  2. Glad you enjoyed it! Expect a little gore as well, nothing too profane though. Inglorious Bastards is a classic. I love Brad Pitts Italian accent lol