Thursday, January 14, 2010

K. Nycole Lee is CouchSurfing Across the World!!

Why wait to follow your dreams?
This it the question I have been asking myself lately. After spending a wonderful, life-changing, month in South Korea this past year, I realized that there's nothing holding me back from pursuing my dreams of traveling this beautiful world. So I started making plans to do exactly that. I admit, I was afraid to embark on that 13 hour flight across the ocean to a country I had always been intrigued by, but knew nothing of what to expect. When I arrived, all of those fears were quickly forgotten and I had the best time of my life.
I really didn't want to come back to the states!
I mentioned a few posts back a wonderful program called the CouchSurfing Project. It's a completely free and safe way to find accommodations and friendly people who are willing to show you around their cities. Couch surfing is world wide! So really, what is stopping you!? Ok, ok, there is the cost of flights and food, entertainment, etc, but once hotel fees are out of the picture, those other things aren't so hard to come up with. You just need a little budgeting and a solid plan.
So, 2010 will be a year where I'll take you with me on my excursions across the earth. I will document every unique experience and photograph all of the beautiful people I meet as well as the sights and scenery. Also, I will provide detailed reviews on tourist attractions, local "hot spots", restaurants, airlines, etc. Follow me as I cruise with some friends to Nassau, The Bahamas, fly with my family to Hawaii, trek the island of Japan, revisit some friends I met in South Korea and embark on a journey of Europe, Barcelona the starting point!
This should be exciting! I look forward to telling you all about it :)

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