Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Omg! What? Wow! Well, ok. Sorry about my nonsensical jabber just now. I guess I'm a little stunned by this movie. Daybreakers, starring Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafoe and Sam Neill was wonderful. As an avid vampire book/movie lover, this was a treat. I truly appreciate it when someone takes the whole vampire theme and put their own twists and portrayal of it. True Blood brings vampires out of hiding and has them living amongst humans, while Daybreakers goes much further.

Picture a world where vampires are the majority, ruling the earth and farming humans for blood, for their survival. Well, that's pretty much what Daybreakers is about. Too bad the human race is endangered. This causes the vampires blood supply to dwindle, causing them to slowly starve, resulting in a creepy mutation that makes them into vicious, mindless, creatures that become cannibalistic.

I am a fan of Ethan Hawke. No, not because of his looks, although that is a plus. He has been in some amazing movies and has stared along some movie legends, such as Denzel Washington in Training Day and Umma Thurman (also his ex-wife) in Gattaca, along with others like Angelina Jolie in Taking Lives and dozens of others in the movie New York I love You. He plays a hematologist who refuses to drink human blood and searches for a safe alternative. After a run in with some humans he joins forces with them and discovers that they actually have a cure, that can change he and all the other vampires back into humans!

The visuals are pretty good, except I think it's weird that all the vampires have the same colored contacts in, there are plenty of ways for them to display that they are vampires, abnormally pale skin is enough. Not to mention, all vampires wear only black in this futuristic movie. Nonetheless, it all added to the overall tone of the movie. Despite all of that I especially loved the intro and the wonderful, surprising twist at the end. I love a good twist, I hate formulaic movies that don't even try to surprise.
If you don't like blood and gore, stay away, there is a fair share in this thriller.
See it this weekend :)

Favorite little things I noticed:
Will work for blood- sign on a homeless guy
Join the vampire army, hunt humans, Uncle Sam needs you!-poster for the military

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