Sunday, December 20, 2009


So, I went to the midnight showing of James Camerons new movie, Avatar. I had been waiting to see this movie since I first saw a trailer for it on the Syfy channel. I purchased my tickets through Fandango, so that I would be guarenteed a seat for this heavily anticipated film. My friends and I were all equally excited, and arrived an hour early to get a good seat, after waiting in a line to enter the auditorium. We were lucky to get seats high enough and centered and the air in the room was full of anticipation. I saw people in Avatar T-shirts and everyone talked about how "revolutionary" James Camerons new camera and shooting style was.

Anyway, after some rather interesting previews, Percy Jacksons: The Olympiad, The Lightning Thief, and Knight and Day, which certainly caught my attention, the movie began. My goodness, the movie was AMAZING. Can I just say that I wish I could live on Pandora! The story was wonderful,humans living on the planet to obtain data from the planet as well as try and convince the natives to move their home so that we can dig into their ground for a new material, called unobtainium ironically enough. Yet the visual aspects were the winning features for me. I saw it in Imax 3D, the only way I'd recommend seeing it. I found myself fanning away dust from the movie, because it appeared to be right in my face. You have to restrain yourself from reaching out at the screen, yet the world seemed to real. Such vibrant colors and extraordinary plant and animal life were what Pandora had to offer.

Of course Sam Worthington was just delightful to watch, with his adorable self, nonetheless he did a great job in his role as an Avatar created to fit in with Pandora's native people, the Navi. I was quite impressed by Zoe Saldana's performance. Her character as the chief of one of the Navi clans daughter was visually stunning. The supporting actors such as Sigourney Weaver, Giovanni Ribisi Michelle Rodriguez, etc, were good in their roles, yet, the story centered around Sam and Zoe's characters.

I will be viewing this movie again tomorrow with family, and will buy it on dvd when available, but trust me, you want to view it in Imax 3D first. Enjoy!