Saturday, December 26, 2009

Excerpt from my upcoming novel, Rise of the Flame)

Rise of The Flame
By, K.N. Lee
Part One
Chapter 1

The Underworld had been Delia’s home since the beginning of time, and now, she was chased out. She trudged through the thick snow of the mortal world in determined silence. Delia’s enemies couldn’t follow her into this world, and she refused to sit around while they destroyed everything she’d ever known.
She glanced up at the sky and locks of thick black hair flew free from beneath her cloak. The harsh winter winds blew at her exposed face. The wolves of the forest howled into the night, but they did not dare test her. It was as if they knew. They could sense the immense power she held in her new body. A human body felt like such a foreign thing to her.
Her blue eyes stung as she tried to see her way through the darkness. Even though the elements were against her, she was anxious to prove herself to the Ancients. Delia was grateful to be chosen. She was young again.
Her third horse had died on this important journey and her toes were nearly frozen from the long walk. She had to reach Auroria before midnight. Delia had been walking for days and her legs ached. Every fiber burned but she was too focused to take notice. Her pale cheeks were numb and reddened. Her lips were cracked and nearly bleeding. She resisted licking them, knowing that it would only make them worse.
She welcomed the pain. It was what she needed to remind her who she was.
The poor woman that she had killed needed to be remembered. Delia had claimed her body as her own. Her first kill. It was a necessary action, but she vowed to never kill an innocent person again.
Nonetheless, she was grateful for a chance to save their world. Centuries as an authority figure in the Underworld were testimonies of her power. She would blend in with the people of this world, but if they were to see even a glimpse of her true form, there would be screams of terror.
The Gatekeeper had arrived.


  1. After reading that page from your novel, I will be looking forward to the release of your book! You did a great job! :-)

  2. Thank you so much for your comment! I am very excited as well :)