Saturday, December 19, 2009

Locks Of Love

Korean Tradition.
Couples put up locks on this fence to symbolize their everlasting love. Sweet huh!? This lock covered fence is located at the Seoul Tower. It stretches a few yards at the entrance of this tourist destination with love letters and locks of all shapes, colors and sizes as a remembrance to those in love.
I personally found this sight to be quite touching. Seeing the amount and the clustering of these locks made me imagine the smiling faces of the couples. Holding hands and approaching the fence, the romantic words they shared as they decided to display their love in such a way. Then, I wondered what happened when, or if, their relationships faltered. Would one of them return to try and take it down, did they even keep the key? I'll never know, but I'd like to imagine that they threw the key over into the Han River to further show their commitment and dedication to one another.


  1. Awe! Love this! Phillip and I should add to the collection. ;)

  2. Totally! Take a flight out there, you guys would love it! South Korea is such a romantic place.