Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Most Shocking Moments of 2009!

This year has been amazing for many reasons. Personally, I think this was one of the best years of my life. Along with seeing Coldplay live for the first time as well as my first venture outside of the U.S. visiting South Korea, there were many other noteworthy events that took place all over the world. While those were some of the best moments of my year, here's my top 10 Most Shocking Moments of 2009!

This year Susan Boyle became a household name! With her average looks and seemingly shy nature, people expected her to make a fool of herself on the hit television show, Britain's Got Talent. Her beautiful, melodic, voice was beyond captivating and a surprise to the judges, audience and thanks to YouTube, the world! She instantly reminded me of the similar tale of Paul Potts, who had an exact reaction when he performed on the same show in 2007. I love stories of people being underestimated and coming out on top against all odds! Susan Boyles special on the TV guide network was beautifully done as well.

Al Roker calls out Heidi and Spencer Pratt on their outrageous behavior. Heidi and Spencers faces were priceless when Al Roker went on to scold them for how they acted on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! I admit, it was pretty unexpected, since Al Roker is usually so jolly and sweet to everyone else. When he asked Heidi if she were proud of their behavior and further cut her off when she began to tip toe around the question. Poor Heidi... lol

When Kanye West ruined Taylor Swifts acceptance speech I was mortified for her and embarrassed for him for acting like, (President Obama quote) "a jerk!" Everyone speculates about his alcohol intake before the MTV awards but I just think Kanye likes the attention. The more controversial the better.

Tiger woods: Wow, when I heard the tape of him pleading with his girlfriend to change her voicemail so that his wife wouldn't find out about them, I was disgusted. The golden boy is forever tarnished by his infidelity.

The Most Shocking Deaths of '09'

Michael Jackson: When we lost him, the sorrow was felt throughout the world. I loved Michael Jackson, he was an amazing singer, song writer, dancer, performer, trend setter. Thank him for teh Justin Timberlakes and Ushers out there. We will hear about his death for years to come, just watch the TV guide network, they probably won't stop for awhile. He will forever be immortalized in our hearts and we'll never forget him.

Patrick Swayze: Ugh, my heart tore when I heard he lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. Gosh, I love Dirty Dancing, and even more than that, Ghost was my favorite movie when I was like 5 years old when I saw that in theaters. I had seen it so many times I couldn't help myself from telling all the details to my mom, spoiling it for her, but hey, I was 5! Anyway, he just seemed like such a nice guy in all of his interviews and his movies are classics.

Farrah Fawcett: She was a beautiful woman with a kind heart, I wish she could have beat her illness.

Britney Murphy: Wow, this was really shocking. She was so young and her future so bright. I loved her in Clueless, Never Talk To Strangers, Uptown Girls, and remember the Disney Channel show The Torkelsons? She was amazing.

David Carradine
Dom Deluise
Billy Mays
Bea Arthur (Golden Girls!)
Natasha Richardson
Walter Cronkite
We will remember you all!

Jersey Shore: Wow, we got to see Snookie get punched in the face by a a New York City gym teacher. Not cool sir, not cool.

Ryan And Kate Gosselin can't seem to keep their relationship together for their 8 children!

Chris Brown gets arrested for beating Rihanna. Sad, just sad. I love both of them as artists and they are both adorable. Such a cute couple, I couldn't believe there was such turmoil in their relationship, not to mention Chris Browns way of dealing with it.

Well, 2009 you were one crazy year!

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